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學生對 LearnQuest 提供的 Artificial Intelligence Ethics in Action 的評價和反饋

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AI Ethics research is an emerging field, and to prove our skills, we need to demonstrate our critical thinking and analytical ability. Since it's not reasonable to jump into a full research paper with our newly founded skills, we will instead work on 3 projects that will demonstrate your ability to analyze ethical AI across a variety of topics and situations. These projects include all the skills you've learned in this AI Ethics Specialization....

1 - Artificial Intelligence Ethics in Action 的 5 個評論(共 5 個)

創建者 Dr. S K V


The use cases and the questions are good to apply AI ethics in action. The hints for the questions are interesting to validate the learning so far in the course. I appreciate this module in the specialization even though there is a scope to improve earlier modules to make the content richer over time.

創建者 Jeetendra S D



創建者 Laurent D


The idea of capstone projects is good and is well placed after the other courses.

The 2 cases study are well chosen.

However : information about game theory is vague.

The support for the answer is minimal and is not, at least quantitatively, up to my expectations from one full course. All in all this "Specialisation" should have been compacted in one or maybe 2 course, not 4 !

創建者 SEAH Y Y


Not exactly a course per se but rather a couple of real-life situations to apply knowledge from the previous courses within the same syllabus. The questions within each situation are also guided to provide a well-thought through process to handle AI ethics situations in the future.

創建者 Jessica H


This course would have benefited from peer reviews as well as better defined scenerios.