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學生對 博科尼大学 提供的 Arts and Heritage Management 的評價和反饋

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Today cultural institutions are facing important dilemmas in many aspects of their management. Over the past decades, a new figure has emerged that of the art manager. Imagine you went to work every day to connect artists with audiences, vision with reality, and money with a mission. That is what managers in the arts do, they play an essential role in transforming the minds, lives, and communities through creative expression. This course has been conceptualized to address the need of skills and techniques to help professionals and managers in running art and cultural institutions. Learning Objectives There are three objectives to this course. First, we will approach the biggest issue cultural institutions face, the coexistence of managers and curators and giving evidence as to when, how, and why they can get along. Second, we will focus on some contemporary facets on what is means to manage a cultural institution and what cultural managers should expect and be able to face. And lastly, we will provide models and tools to design and implement appropriate courses of action to satisfy customers (visitors and audiences) and build an advantage over the competition. Course Structure The course is divided into six sections. Five sections are dedicated to specific aspects and themes of managing cultural institutions, while the sixth section is dedicated to individual interviews of prominent cultural institution managers on specific topics. The involvement of professionals and managers gives an incredible value to the learning experience of this course. Each module is paired with a quiz and discussion forums to reflect on the variety of the heritage management, its complexity, and the power of the network that we will build together during the course. Successful completion of the quizzes is required for a course certificate as explained in the Grading Policy page. If you love art and want to make an impact in this unique and fantastic sector, this course will support you in understanding the peculiarities of this sector and how to leverage on its tools to make a bigger impact. Look forward to meeting you online! Acknowledgements: Vatican Museums: Cenacolo Vinciano: (ITA) FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano): MUVE (Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia): The National Trust: The Archeological Site of Paestum: Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (Florence): Museo del Violino: _________________________________ Disclaimer - Since some of the videos are conducted with those whose native language is not English, we have decided to sometimes preserve their more emphatic speech to keep a tighter match between the audio and subtitles....




Loved this course. Watching the lectures at historical sites brought the course to life and kept it interesting. The course was well structured and has encouraged me to continue in the field.



I'm really into this amazing course. it provide me with a wide range of information. it helps me to understand the field of museums and heritage management . Thank you for this useful course.


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創建者 Deborah A G


Loved this course. Watching the lectures at historical sites brought the course to life and kept it interesting. The course was well structured and has encouraged me to continue in the field.

創建者 Regan N


I'm really into this amazing course. it provide me with a wide range of information. it helps me to understand the field of museums and heritage management . Thank you for this useful course.

創建者 Lucía L


I really liked the course, it was comprehensive and applicable to heritage, visual and performing arts. It was the right amount to study each week, it wasn't overwhelming (coming from someone with a busy schedule).

-I wished they used more inclusive language on the lectures and the quizzes. i.e many times it was assumed that a manager or a director fo a cultural institution was male....often referring to "he"

-On Week 6 there were interviews made to Directors of different museums and art galleries...I wished they had an interview to a Director of a performing arts institution.

創建者 Jane B G A


An informative overview of the topic. Content needs to be updated as references are made to events and information over 5 years old. Better integrate videos with managers into modules that address specific topics, i.e., how a museum uses the GAP model.

創建者 Solomon N


I am glad to have finally taken and completed this course. The content and presentation really exceeded my expectations. I have been exposed to various aspects of heritage management and the importance of paying attention to certain salient operational details to ensure success. An important take-away is the fact as global businesses are evolving and becoming more customer-centric in their approach and product/service offerings, non-profit art and culture organizations are not left out in this trend. They must learn to incorporate and adapt these modern day managerial trends in their activities to stay relevant. Thanks a lot to Bocconi University for putting together such a great course. I highly recommend for anyone aspiring or in the process of building a career in the heritage sector.

創建者 Martina R


Thank you to Bocconi University and Coursera for providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of Arts and Heritage Management. I enjoyed the materials, assignments, and discussions. Concepts were thoroughly explained and it felt refreshing to be surrounded by works of art (even though it was virtual). I'll surely make use of the slides and supplementary materials in the future. This is an online class you should definitely take if you want to learn more about arts and heritage.

創建者 Akash K S


The course offers an experience which is quite unique in nature. You are not present at the sites where the instructor takes you to, but you feel part of it. The course presents a great opportunity to anyone and everyone to create a sense of appreciation and understand how are heritage and culture are still intact and all the process which goes behind to keep them intact in a brief 6 week duration. Loved it and would keeping coming back to watch the interviews again. Thank You

創建者 Roubini V


In order to pursue my interest in art history curating and art critism I felt the need to understand the management side of cultural heritage from a museums and art galleries point of view so as to enable a win win situation for all parties involved. The art of today will be our cultural heritage of tomorrow. The course certainly exceeded my expectations from the the very first lecture and I believe I have gained the appropriate skills I need. Thank you for the experience.

創建者 Yukiko S


It was my pleasure to be able to participate in this course, what a luxury to get educated on the go! The world of arts and heritage management was so much to learn, and fun to get to know. I could understand the concept and strategy, as well as the business structure. I believe it would be more challenging to actually draw the best strategies for each institute and effectively manage it. It would be great to have the lifetime learning support groups or communities.

創建者 Stefanie v d B


Thank you so much for this great course . Iam a teacher of art with special interest in Heritage and art managment all over the world . My partners family lives in in Italy , Mantua so its special as a Dutch art lover how musea are organized and have great intensions for visitors to make visiting looking with their hearts . Loved the 6th chapter to see the people behind the consept but even more the interesting video lectures with sympatico Andrea Rurale .

創建者 Kimberly B


The topics were interesting and comprehensive, despite the short time dedicated to each subject. Also, the assignments were engaging and unique with excellent prompts to get students started. My only issue throughout the course was sometimes understanding the lecturer, which is absolutely no reflection on his knowledge, experience, or expertise in the field. He was an engaging host but I had, at times, difficulties understanding the explanations of concepts.

創建者 Minati V


The course has given me much more knowledge about the sector of Heritage Management than I was expecting. To anyone who wants to have beginner's understanding of how the field of Heritage Management functions, this is the course to start with. The lectures were well structured and the best part of the whole course undoubtedly was the interviews conducted by our Instructor Andrea Rurale to all the Managers to Heritage sites and Cultural Institutions.

創建者 Varsha S


This course has essentially introduced me to the most important concepts in Art and Heritage Management that I was not able to learn even in a 2-year course in Heritage Conservation and Management. The balanced views of why managing the arts are important and how to go about it helped me understand the need for the same. I loved everything about the course and will revisit to revise the concepts learned here. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

創建者 ilaria c


I've found the course a good way to start diving into Art and Heritage Management. The lessons are well organised and clear, slides are useful to keep track of all the topics. especially if you are not able to take notes while hearing at the lessons. Interviews at the end of week 6 are a good way to have a closer look at art management, and hear from people who actually work into cultural institutions and museums.

創建者 consuelo r


Fantastic course that gives an incredibly comprehensive overview of what implies the management of Arts and Heritage organizations. The presentations are clear and varied, the locations are beautiful and the additional material very useful. I particularly enjoyed the final videos with interviews of the people behind the museums used as the backdrop for the video presentations. Totally recommend this course.

創建者 Sukrishna S


I absolutely loved this course! It gave me such an amazing insight on how the management of a cultural institution works, a topic spoken very less about but should be tackled more often. The instructor Mr. Andrea Rurale explained the course in a very simple and lucid manner which made it very easy for me to understand. On days that I couldn't work on the course I used to actually miss it. 10/10 recommend it

創建者 Paola F


I found the Arts and Heritage Management course really interesting and useful. Professor Rurale has been able to engage and positively affect the viewers. I feel like not even one among the different video-lessons was boring. Moreover, this course has given me great inspiration for my upcoming thesis and dissertation, which I think is going to be centered on some of the topics introduced in these lessons.

創建者 Geraldine G


En términos del contenido mismo del curso soy un cliente satisfecho! Cumplió con mis expectativas, todos los contenidos fueron explicados de manera amigable, de manera estructurada, con gráficos y notas que ayudaban a visualizar los conceptos. El profesor supo llevar el ritmo de las lecciones y transmitía el contenido de manera interesante sin aburrir. La parte de las entrevistas fue muy enriquecedora.

創建者 Paula G P


I am very happy with this course. It has made me consider that maybe doing my Masters in Arts Management could be in the Bocconi University .

The topics we have seen throughout the course are very relevant and are what I was looking for: a course that unites business and international relations with the art world.

I'm looking forward for more courses by Bocconi University on this topic!

創建者 Annie K


I really enjoyed this course. It was a good review of previous management courses I have taken with application to arts and heritage sites and museums. I feel it will benefit me as an employee of within the Museum field. The only struggle I had was occasionally being confused by some wording, as the instructor's first language is not English (although the course is in English.)

創建者 Alessandra B


Provides a good and interesting overview of the dynamics occurring in the arts management, which are the challenges and the opportunities arising in this new subfield of management.

But most important, provides an understanding of how complex and evolving this will be over the years, and that it will require more and more specific approaches to management of cultural institutions

創建者 Martina G


Very interesting and useful course! It changed my perspective on certain things and helped me gain insight into business and managerial aspects of museums and art institutions. As an art historian and a tour guide, I believe I will have the opportunity to use some of the things I've learned, especially when it comes to customer relations and marketing culture heritage.

創建者 Pawan C


This is course by Bocconi University is the best out there on coursera for those inclined towards Arts and Heritage management . Detailed theories with practicality , simple language, insights and personal interviews. The course presenter Andrea Rurale never makes you feel to be bored ! As an Architect and Management student I was able to connect all the dots .

創建者 Veronica C


I have been working in cultural heritage since 2000 in high level institution but, when I started the direction of a Foundation of Art, I realized that I lacked managerial skills. I have done several courses and one master, so I can affirm that this course is very useful, it offers many concrete suggestions and ideas for further studies. I recommend it!

創建者 TONG W S


Amazing course, each week is consisted of well-planned bits that are easy to understand. Efforts were also put into the filming process, really appreciate filming the lessons in heritage sites and museums in Italy, makes it enjoyable to watch the videos. Definitely increased my interest in visiting/studying in Bocconi for further studies in the future.