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學生對 罗彻斯特大学 提供的 音频和音乐工程基础:第 1 部分,音乐声电子 的評價和反饋

532 個評分


In this course students learn the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics and how they can applied to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments. Topics include: sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and applications of these basic principles in amplifiers and speaker design....




This is a very good course for anyone who wants to learn about building speakers and amplifiers. it gives a very good foundation for many thing related to amplifier and loudspeaker building



I loved this course. It tied together so many aspects of electrical engineering and physics. I love the theory and application coming together. I look forward to building the amplifier!


126 - 音频和音乐工程基础:第 1 部分,音乐声电子 的 133 個評論(共 133 個)

創建者 saman K


well as a person who studied physics I should say that the mentors are very experienced and pro

but i think what makes this course a little bit unclear or unsuccessful is the short period of time for it because you can see from the quiz that you have to know more about calculating and basics of analyzing the circuit or show all these schematics practical too

創建者 Jarius K


It wasn't very clear the amount of knowledge you'd have to have mathematically before taking this course. It seems like it would be helpful and laid out clearly for those with prior knowledge looking to advance their learning. This is not a course for the basics.

創建者 Patrick D


Helmholtz material needs a re-write. Include the Matlab code when showing a simulation. It seems like they almost they are trying to hold back information at times as if it's a couple of company guys protecting IP. Good overall though.

創建者 Lara D G


I think that the electronic parts and the acoustics part of this course are very unbalanced. Circuits are really difficult whilst test questions regarding acoustics are reasonable.

創建者 Armando M


Hasta el momento todo va bien... Seria excelente tener la opción de bajar la información expuesta para futuros backups

創建者 Breno R R


Muito focado na parte de eletrônica e circuitos elétricos.

創建者 Bryan W


The concepts are covered at only the most superficial level, with very little explanation given along the way as to what the mathmatics are showing you or how to apply the concepts being taught. There are mistakes throughout the curriculum that have gone uncorrected for years and obviously no one cares. There is no Part 2, so I wouldn't bother taking this because it's not like it'll prime you for a follow up course that is more useful.

創建者 Adithya S


bad course .. teaching was poor... assignments were very high level.. but teachings very of low profile