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學生對 Brightline Initiative 提供的 Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery 的評價和反饋

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Remember to get your voucher before starting the course to earn your Brightline® Initiative certificate using this link: In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. Only 1 out of 10 executives based on a global survey admit that their organizations successfully deliver all of their strategic initiatives. This course will help you as a leader of your organization to bridge the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery. You will learn how external and internal factors impact the organizations’ capability to implement strategies. You will understand Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles and see how these can help bridge the strategy-implementation gap based on real-world examples from the profit-, non-profit- and government sectors. We bring you interviews from global leaders and experts to share their experiences and examples in strategy implementation. You will also analyze a fictional case and create a strategic action plan following the Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles. After completing this course, you will comprehend how the 10 Guiding Principles can address and resolve your organization’s challenges to successfully achieve its strategic goals....




Great program from PMI and its partners ; Interviews with experts on strategy design and implementation are very insightful. Besides this program also provided access to rich collection of HBR papers.



An excellent course and nicely articulated and delivered by Ricardo Vargas. Really liked the idea of strategy delivery and execution with 10 principles as mentioned in the Brightline initiative...


276 - Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery 的 300 個評論(共 306 個)

創建者 Donald M H


This course was inspiring. The course instructor Ricardo Viana Vargas presented the course material with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment. The prominent guests from various companies and organisations also contributed to making this course educational and exciting. At the end of the period, one is sufficiently prepared to put the 10 Brightline Guiding Principles into practice. The course has one slight downfall. The peer's review at the end of the course did not work very well, and it took several requests in the forum before an assignment was finally revised.

創建者 Rui M F V


Very nice and instructive course. Well structured and with a good learning path, with cases from all around the world high ranked companys and interview with top CxO about how they addressed their challenges. I became a bit confused at the end, when I needed to choose one from three final evaluation cases, but the course allowed me to start all of the three. Maybe by design?

創建者 Florence A


This course has been very beneficial. The lecture videos are so detailed, bringing to my understanding the important factors a company should consider to see that their strategies are rightly implemented for the required results. The 10 guiding principles are so practical and can be employed right away with your organization

創建者 Jesse O


This was a great class and very applicable for anyone who touches technology projects, either from a vendor side (selling and implementing and delighting customers) or on the client-side, the person who is looking at and evaluating solutions or has to actually implement and seek high levels of adoption.

創建者 Synthia


This is a really good course for someone working on executing organizational strategies for project management and delivery. They explain the principles really well and couple them with some great examples ! I would recommend this to anyone who is working on strategy design and execution

創建者 Ramakrishnan S


A really good course - and excellent assignment at the end of it. It's a very good course. In terms of making this even better - i would suggest small assignments that will help you practice applying each principle as a suggested action in preparation for the final assignment.

創建者 sanboz


Good course that explains the main disfunctions of strategy implementation.

I like the idea to mix interview from experts and technical aspect.

Meanful the idea to distill 10 rules as guideline to solve the common issues between strategy design and strategy delivery.

創建者 Orlando A


Muy bien armado el curso e interesantes videos de referentes que permiten motivar al alumno a implementar los conocimientos adquiridos en este curso. Si creo que se debiese complementar el armado de plan de acción para que el caso se aborde de mejor manera.

創建者 Claudia Y


Excellent course. The guidelines shared in the course are very useful and beneficial. Also like the real life examples given as well as the speakers' sharing.

創建者 Chi M F


I really enjoyed this course presentations. They were so well organised and simplified. Thanks to all the Brightline team and special mention to Dr Eduado

創建者 Manisha B


It was nice experience learning. Worth the time spent. It would be great if in every assessment can add one case study assignment.

創建者 Iain M


Accessible, useful, practical, informative - demonstrate a bias towards decision-making and complete this course.

創建者 Marco A


Very Interesting course with practical examples about how to implement strategy, real cases real solution.

創建者 Frederick F


The real world examples helped to bridge the gap between what was said and how to apply the same.

創建者 Juan M


Very interesting course, unfortunatelly, the review by pairs took longer than expected!

創建者 Michael D H


Very good material, well presented. Peer review process with a bit difficult however.

創建者 Yavnika K


This course gives you a chance to learn from the experts and real-world case-studies.

創建者 Luis R


It's good to refresh basic principles of management and getting things done.

創建者 Oliver R S


Very good, hands-on course with good material from various industries.

創建者 Luis D R M


Excepcional para aprender a hacer la estrategia efectiva.

創建者 Hesham E


The course is nice and full of information

創建者 Nwakerendu I


Observations really matter what

創建者 Dan


nice, clear and well stuctured

創建者 pullayya


It really helps

創建者 Muazam A


four point five