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學生對 加州大学戴维斯分校 提供的 The Strategy of Content Marketing 的評價和反饋

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This course is a partnership between the leading content marketing authority, Copyblogger, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. In this course, you will learn the core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers profitably. Specifically, you will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, use a strategic framework when writing, and build your professional brand and authority through content marketing. You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through content marketing....




Very beautifully designed course for the beginners even. The course instructor took us through a journey of content strategy and share awesome points to be worked on. Thank for such a beautiful course



For those who want to start your content marketing journey, you may want to take this course. It focuses on touch base points but also goes into further details on what you need as a content marketer.


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創建者 Nidhi J


Amazing course! I learn various new words and phrases that impress me a lot.

I have sent my wordpress link. Kindly review me how am going.

創建者 Corina


If you like to experience what Strategic Content Marketing is about, this is how it should not be. Hopelessly frustrating... lots of chitchat without focus... lots of lnikbuilding for the publisher of the course copy blogger. Yes, content marketing is about building relationships & try to hold the attention. And link building is an important part but let's be honest and fair, this is no academic course... this is painfully mistaken advertising for copyblogger for hours... To be honest, it is the first course I have not completed although I started with the objective to complete it. Too painful that my attention is taken for a ride in this ongoing commercial, at week 4 (only 1,5 weeks to go) I could no longer bear the lack of direction. I quit.

創建者 Colleen O


Leans ENTIRELY TOO HEAVILY on Podcasts. There is nothing to hold interest. I can't just sit and listen to 2 people talking ad brain doesn't work that way! You are setting people, especially neurodivergent people, up for FAILURE! This is a really long commercial for the podcast, not an actually educational course! I will be demanding a refund!

創建者 Anna G


Amazing couurse! Recommend it for every manager and copywriter.

創建者 Vicky C


The course is nothing about content "strategy" but more on copywriting and in a very high level, general way. Not useful at all. Please don't waste your time and money here. Some framework, method were not meant for content marketing at all, they just cram stuff together to make a course, not thinking throughout what they want to bring to students, very disorganized.

Few major problems with this course:

1. It teaches nothing about strategy and focusing on building a personal brand, email marketing and copywriting concepts (and not techniques)

For example, on the part of teaching you how to write a headline, the lecturer teaches you from copying/re-use others then adjust from there to write a "killer headline". It didn't really teach you any technique on how to write a good headline. There are certain elements (we call click-baits in the business) that make the headline attractive, but it wasn't in this course.

It also spent some portion talks about email marketing which is more about brand and business and noting about content marketing strategy.

2. The only valuable part of the course is in the reading materials and the external link podcast interviews (which is sooooo hard to find). It completely loose the value of signing up for a coursera course! I learned nothing from the video parts in the course.

For reading materials, they keep repeating themselves. So many stories and high level concepts but no actual skills taught. I can find way more useful content from some content marketing blogs than this.

3. Some essential knowledge to help you work on the peer assignments is hidden in the podcast interview rather than the course video which took me such a long time to find out where to hear those podcast from the discussion forum in this course, and the problem was raised 4 years ago. I can't believe they still keep this course structure until now without any improvement. Plus the podcast interview on Empathy Map was just two people chatting and nothing about teaching you how to build the map.

4. As the course is poorly structured one of the peer assignment didn't give enough guideline or template on how to complete the assignment. You basically need to figure out your own. I also took Facebook and Google courses and their courses are well designed so the peer review assignment quality is good with sufficient guideline so you know what to do.

5. The Empathy Map is not for content marketing, when I googled it I found out it's a method widely used for Product Design (UX UI) and they make it as an assignment for you to complete which is ridiculous! Because you cannot use Empathy Map framework for a piece of copywriting to develop your content, a lot of question it asked just doesn't make sense for copywriting.

創建者 Tan Y N


I started this course wanting to learn about content marketing from instructors who were experts in the field, and seemed keen and ready to share their tips.

However, this course left me sorely disappointed. There's no doubt that a lot of insightful course content is provided, but most of this content are not in the actual course videos, but rather in downloadable "podcasts" attached to each lesson in MP3 format.

The podcasts contain valuable information and tips on content marketing, but come with absolutely no visual aids, subtitles or any of the great features Coursera has equipped its platform with (scrolling subtitles, note-taking function, etc). This means that learning for those who have trouble understanding the audio, or visualising certain concepts is greatly hindered.

It also means that one should be prepared to spend a great deal of extra time on top of what's reflected in the course requirements to listen to lengthy mp3 tracks without any guides.

There also seems to be a certain slant towards various service providers in the course - for instance, WordPress is recommended as the top go-to site for creating one's personal website. This promotion of specific 3rd party brands is something I am not entirely comfortable with and I would have greatly appreciated if the instructors could have weighed the pros and cons of these services against their competitors so users can make an informed choice.

Overall, I am happy with the amount and quality of the course content, but a whole lot more could have been done to make taking in, and learning this content a less painful experience.

創建者 David T


I hate gradating system, we review for people and just sit there hope less that someone will review your assignment back, not just that. The information about this program was out of date, there a lots of change in business industry and not all information about this course was useful. A lots people when they do discuss the just put N/A and you get lot of spam when you need someone review your assuagement, you review them and they never review you back. And if you want to pass this class you need to pass assignment.

創建者 Alireza B


The course was too easy and it was just common sense. You could have passed the quizzes without listening to the speaker or reading any of the course materials. The talks with the invited experts was also common sense. No real skills taught.

創建者 David V D


This was a really poorly run course, with very little teaching content or outline for what was needed from the assignments. The course would not be relevant for someone already working within content creation as it is extremely high-level.

創建者 E-zan


The lectures were not as informative as expected. I had high hopes for this course. :(

創建者 Josh T


This is a great course for anyone starting out their own business or in an organisation, who is aware of the enormous benefits effective content marketing can bring. Each module is divided into clear, relevant and very insightful topics. The course content is top quality, and picks apart the concepts that are crucial to the successful implementation of content marketing. The delivery is also excellent - very clear explanations, backed up by examples. The format is ideal, since you can watch, re-watch, listen and re-listen as many times as you need to.

My one criticism is that there is probably too much reading that isn't that relevant to the assignments in weeks 3 and 4. If you actually sat down and read through every reading material given you'd never get any work done. This could be refined a bit more.

創建者 Kaushik G V


An amazing course that opens up a world of opportunities and learning for people looking to get into the Digital Marketing space. A must for any student with a great instructor in Sonia who helped elucidate the various concepts in the course. The additional material will prove to be great guidance through your content journey and your career prospects. Thanks to Coursera, UC Davis, Rainmaker Digital, Sonia, Brian and all other people who helped make this course the great experience that it was. It's a shame that it is only a one-off course but I hope many students stand to benefit from it.

創建者 Bilal M


Its Excellent course to learn copy writing for new comers who want to learn copy writing. There were lot of study materials, evaluations and more over practise assignments which makes it a wonderful course. Thank you for the oppurtunity to learn.

創建者 Liza V


The strength of the course is provide in exercises than the content/video lectures. I have some issues with logistics - some video lectures are very short and do not provide direction that the remaining audio of that lecture can be found in downloads. Information can be better organized.

The downside is having assignments peer-reviewed, as sometimes I have to go through several rounds of revisions and submissions due to peer scoring, but they do not provide comprehensive feedback on what I should be improving. It makes it difficult to progress. I would prefer to have instructors provide feedback on my assignments.

I did not like that the first week of the lesson was about creating a website to be a content marketer, I think it could have been used for better information. The videos are succinct and do not go very in depth as the instructors depend on the students to read heavily on the e-books that are provided.

創建者 Hui W C


The course itself was great. But I can't give it more than 2 stars due to the peer-reviewed assignments. Some learners uploaded blank assignments. Others uploaded random editorial content from third party websites. Also, the comments learners receive on their work are unhelpful. Some comments are gibberish, just nonsensical consonant clusters. Thus, learners will likely be unable to complete the course, even if they do complete the coursework. It would be much better if assessment was done solely through quizzes. The peer-reviewed work should be optional and should not prevent learners from completing the course.

創建者 Niki F


Unfortunately, this course was mainly filled with podcasts, no visuals, and assignments which lacked information. I had high hopes for this course and the reading material was very well written. However, for a course that was meant to teach me how to capture information and generate sales, it couldn't even capture my attention!

創建者 PKeremidchieva


It is suitable only for beginners.

Please update your materials - they are really getting old. Remove Google+ from your examples.

創建者 hesham m


The course content is carelessly created, you can see the difference when you start a course with Google or Udacity. You find everything organized, lots of visuals, and here the course was 99% based on reading on your own. However, you have to wait for another colleague to evaluate your assignments in order to get your degree which I find very strange.

Thanks a lot, I hope you will take my points into consideration for future courses.

創建者 Megan P


I was very disappointed with this course. Most of the useful information was in a "podcast" format without any visuals to accompany them. The whole course felt like one big, poorly produced advertisement for Copyblogger. I really didn't learn anything new and felt like it was a bit of a waste of time. I'm glad I did not pay for the course.

創建者 ilham l


Not recommanded:

1- They are promoting themself and their blog.

2- The content is about copywriting and writing content. In other words, you will not learn any content strategy.

3- There is nothing new. All the content of this course already exists on google and other free sources.

創建者 david m


Unenrolling. The notion that assignments are graded by fellow students rather that seasoned practitioners

is pointless. Criticism absent of construction is time and opportunity wasted. Make this a real course.

創建者 Elena C R


This course has been very important for my development and professional growth. First of all, I would like to thank Professor Sonia Simone and all the interviewees who were able to exchange her knowledge with us, the truth is that it was very satisfactory. The course taught me new tools and search engines for the creation of a much more effective content marketing strategy... I have to say that I learned things that I had never seen before, since in my university career I did not have the opportunity to learn this whole bunch of new techniques... It was amazing...Thank you again for accepting me in the Financial Aid Program, and I invite anyone who is interested in content marketing to take this course...You will have an unforgettable experience!!!!

創建者 Egor S


Thank you for this incredible course!

It was so great to dive in a atmosphere of positive creativity and professionalism.

Thank you teacher, for all the lessons and examples, videos and tests.

Thank you Coursera, for giving chance to study for free in this difficult moment.

I'm refugee from Russia to Sweden, restarting my life again now in new country.

So, it's essential for me to have new skills and knowledge, for free now.

It was a blessing for me to take part in this course, really.

Thank you all!

創建者 Ibekwe E C


This course takes even experienced folks through the whole process of understanding how well their content could be doing right now and how they can improve on it. Plus it helps you build a strategy for creating your content. Needless to say, you will understand the use of having a personal site as a professional. I had to get mine

創建者 Ameenah A


Sonia Simone did a great job with this course. I can't imagine the number of new things I have learned as regards content creation.

I didn't just learn, I was able to put into practice what I have learned making it stick.

Thank you, Sonia Simone, UAC, and Coursera for giving me this opportunity to grow professionally.