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Spreadsheet software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. In the United States alone, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel skills are posted every day. Research by Burning Glass Technologies and Capital One shows that digitals skills lead to higher income and better employment opportunities at a time when digital skills job are growing much faster than non-digital jobs. In this second course of our Excel specialization Excel Skills for Business you will build on the strong foundations of the Essentials course. Intermediate Skills I will expand your Excel knowledge to new horizons. You are going to discover a whole range of skills and techniques that will become a standard component of your everyday use of Excel. In this course, you will build a solid layer of more advanced skills so you can manage large datasets and create meaningful reports. These key techniques and tools will allow you to add a sophisticated layer of automation and efficiency to your everyday tasks in Excel. Once again, we have brought together a great teaching team that will be with you every step of the way. Prashan and Nicky will guide you through each week (and I am even going to make a guest appearance in Week 5 to help you learn about my favourite tool in Excel - shh, no spoilers!). Work through each new challenge step-by-step and in no time you will surprise yourself by how far you have come. This time around, we are going to follow Uma's trials and tribulations as she is trying to find her feet in a new position in the fictitious company PushPin. For those of you who have done the Essentials course, you will already be familiar with the company. Working through her challenges which are all too common ones that we encounter everyday, will help you to more easily relate to the skills and techniques learned in each week and apply them to familiar and new contexts....




I love this course a lot! Thank you very much for this course. It is easy to understand and follow. The practice challenges are so fun to do. Looking forward to the next course in this specialization.



The length of the video lectures are just right and the numbers of exercises or quizzes are just right. Learned a lot of new things about Excel's functionality. A huge step from the Essentials course.


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It<s the second course i took with coursera and i like the fact that you can listen to the course again if there<s something you didn't understand the first time. The course is well structured and have good exercise to practice the skills they teach you on the video. But i think you have to be motivated to complete the course but if you want to learn it's necessary. One thing i would improve is the fact that you can do the exam more than twice, cause if you didn't do more exercises to master the skills then do it a second time and have a good grade well you still need to practice. And you have to check the forum more as there was someone who put the answers of all the question in week 5. I don't think it's good for the quality of the course to let things like that happen without doing anything to remove it. Some people would say that it's easy and anybody can succeed it's not true but again check the forum and when there's a report remove or ban the person who do it, there's a guy who asked all the answers in week 2+3 i report it and nothing was remove. But overall if you want to learn excel McQuarry university did a really good work and you learn a lot.

創建者 Nikki K


This course is great and really simple to use. However, if you have a MAC this course can be a little tricky at times as it is mainly developed for PC users. For some more complicated functions such as creating Pivot Charts, there is no mention of how to achieve things using an older version of Excel for MAC and so often a google search is needed which can be time consuming and sometimes leave you with no answers. It would be wonderful if the course was more clearly adapted for MAC users, mentioning clearly how things can be done using a MAC as often this is entirely different and/or non existent. It is the same thing with earlier versions of excel, for example, my 2011 MAC version of excel did not have the Pivot Chart function and in the quizzes you needed this in order to answer some questions correctly - in many cases I had to leave the question blank and hope I could pass with my other questions being correct. This was quite frustrating at times and seemed a little unfair also - it would be great if this was more suitable for MAC users too.

創建者 Kimberley B


I definitely learned even more than in the Essentials course. However, due to this course being made in 2017, Excel has changed a lot since then (now being part of the 365 subscription suite), and sometimes the lessons would not indicate if something was available on Mac systems at all. There are features that were nixed all together in the newer versions [and/or for Mac] and I was unable to replicate them in practice and on the quizzes/assessments. It may be time for this course to update their video lessons to incorporate the newer versions of this program and/or indicate what options are/aren't available depending on if you are using the newer version or 2016 (which they default to using as it was the most recent then).

創建者 Ka C S C


Quite spectacular! The lecturers are really positive, and they explain concept pretty well. I also like the fact that there are constant replies from the discussion board.

However, they shouldn't talk too long before giving us hands-on experience because usually new-learners have no clue on what they're talking about. For example, they tell us what 'sumifs' and 'countifs' are before we learn it. This is quite useless I have to say.

Also, this course is not really calibrated for Mac users. Some functions, such as charts and pivot tables, are quite different from Windows system, which the lecturers use. I had a hard time finding out where the functions are by searching it on Google and that wasted me some time.

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Just wow! Best course on MS Excel not just on Coursera, but on all the E-learning platforms. I never imagined one can teach how to use a software without sucking the life out of the learner. 20 on 10 for the efforts the team made while designing this course. No matter what part of the course it is (videos, practice exercises or quizzes), you will always be engaged and that surely would help in better assimilation of concepts.

Didn't know till now that Excel really has so many features to facilitate working with large chunk of data. A few concepts like Relative Cell Referencing could have been taught in detail, but still the best. Loved it!



The course is great and the concepts are easy to understand. It added all necessary skills businesses require. However, it would be nicer if there was more practice material, even if not for grade. Just so who really wants to practice more have more materials offering different situations in which you can apply what we just learned. That is the reason for the 4 stars, needs more exercises to help in the process of refining skills and a deeper understanding of the concepts. Thank you for this opportunity. I am very grateful for it!

創建者 Dichev D


The course is good, I cannot say I learned a lot due to the time contrain it gives you for each week. You have to be finished with the final assessment by the end of the week instead of moving at your own pace. This can be an issue for students like me who have multiple assignments to finish and are taking courses on the side.

Other than that I would say that the content is vast and it really forces you to integrade all previous content during the assesments.

創建者 alex c


It was a graet course even though I have experience with most of its topics I learnt some new tricks and also some new things related to pivot tables and pivot charts! I recomment to change the type of questions in which you ask the participant to modify, for example a table with green light 21 modification and ask to which icon it resembles. The same with some sparklines ect. They are confusing and to my perspective pointless.

創建者 Aaron C


This course covered a broad range of topics and like the Essentials course was practical and had me excited to learn the content. My only suggestion for feedback is to provide more tips for Mac users (especially in the short quizzes after each video because they seem to be tailored to PC users causing me to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to quickly learn the Mac equivalents of the PC functionality).

創建者 Tariq N


I couldn't complete the full course because i used a mac and an older version of excel. Many of the features and questions were based on the latest versions of mac which gave me big headaches. Otherwise the teaching, the content and the course is fantastic. I thought I was an accomplished intermediate in excel but doing this course i realized i was only a novice. Hope to be doing more of your intermediate courses.

創建者 Antonio T


Questions 10, 11 and 12 from the W4 Assessment needs to be revised. I got 100% with a wrong answer, that should be mutually exclusive with the others. It's a minor detail, but one that I see has brought frustration to many many users over the years and is likely not going to get changed if it hasn't at this point, which is the reason I give the course a 4 star instead of the 5 star I would have otherwise.

創建者 Adlirrahman A M


The Course is very good. The instructions are crystal clear. Though for some part like the attached workbook to be done has some issues like missing data or different versions to my Excel. I used Excel 2016 but every function that needs to be put always uses semicolon instead of comma and decimal using dot instead of comma which sometimes making the answer wrong despite it is actually right.

創建者 Ahnaf I S


The contents covered in this course has increased my efficiency in working with Excel. The course design is neat and the instructors are great at both teaching and presenting. My only issue with the course is that the quizzes are not designed in a way that makes the students use their own problem-solving skills as the questions practically outline all the steps required to find the answer.

創建者 Jaqi F


I really appreciate your class. I feel like I'm learning a lot. Excel is pretty amazing.

There is a question on the final quiz about a cell changing color, and it was very hard to tell if the color was yellow or orange. And I do wish there was better explanations of answers for the final. I still have no idea how I got the wrong answer on a few of the questions.

創建者 Heleen B


After following the course on Excel Fundamentals of Data Analysis of the same teachers, there was some overlap in the material. However, the repetition helped me to consolidate the skills and apply them in different contexts. Again, very informative and well-explained, and it was great to learn about the rich functionalities of pivot charts and tables!