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學生對 密歇根州立大学 提供的 Cameras, Exposure, and Photography 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to Course One of Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR! In these first 4 Modules you will gain the knowledge and the confidence that will help you make good choices as you consider qualities of the camera you own, and the qualities of the other types of digital cameras you might be considering. You will learn about the basic functions that most digital cameras have in common. You will also go beyond the "technical" matters and learn about how you can make exciting pictures by emphasizing the aspects of Frame and Vantage Point to interpret old subjects in new ways. Discovering accessories that photographers find useful, and the types of camera bags from mini to carry-on sized, is also in store for you. You will also make your first photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the specialization, upload pictures to the web gallery and start interacting with your fellow learners in our "Gallery." Let's get started with Module One!...




It's a very good course for beginners and I got to learn a lot and improve my photography in every way possible! I recommend it to everyone who's interested in Photography and want to do more with it.



This course was very informative and provided just the right amount of challenge for me to stretch my creativity and newly obtained knowledge. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next course.


1301 - Cameras, Exposure, and Photography 的 1325 個評論(共 1,491 個)

創建者 Nabih D


The cell phone part should be updated inmediately or even deleted. For the rest the course is really interesting and can give yo good tools to improve your skills.

創建者 Christina K


I learned many things and got maaany tips.

This is basically a vocabulary course, that will help you move to the next level!

Very interesting, but could be better!

創建者 Marc H


excellent it would be nice to actually speak to the instructor through a live meeting atleast once during the course but its still pretty awesome learned alot

創建者 Elizabeth P


I liked the course but the peer review does not work well. There is not always enough students enrolled to get projects graded or to review other students.

創建者 Maine C


I really liked the course. A few adjustments are in place, but it was nice to have the feedback and the attention from the teachers and Coursera community.

創建者 Nathan S


Good content and appropriate assignments. Very interesting seeing and hearing about others experiences and different approaches to creative photography

創建者 Kapil K


It was a great course for beginners and has given important insight into photography. I enjoyed this course and would like to attend more such courses.

創建者 Alan R


The course is a great introduction. I just wished that we could have designated people evaluating our submissions, instead of exclusively peer to peer.

創建者 Laura O


The actual material is good. However there are a lot of fake students on here and it gets annoying having to report them and not getting any feedback.

創建者 Erikas R


Audio quality in part of the videos are poor, it is hard to understand sometimes what the lecturer is says. All in all good course for the beginners.

創建者 Apurva G


Towards the end it felt like not enough efforts were put in by the instructors. Nevertheless this course helped me boost my confidence a 100 times.

創建者 zahraa h


it is an important course for beginners and I loved it but in some videos there was some DETAILS that are missing and I googled them to understand

創建者 Deleted A


Not sure why so much time was devoted to camera bags.

Looking forward to the next lessons. Hoping to learn about being more creative with a camera.

創建者 Asa S S


The course was inciteful and gave a good beginner's understanding of photography. The opportunity to submit shots for peer review is also good.

創建者 Abdul K


i was hoping to learn more about DSLR and Smartphone camera.... but turns out ... It told me stuffs which i already knew. so didnt help me much

創建者 Natiq E C


This course was really amazing to teach young or beginner photographers what they need to know before they can start. Great Course! Enjoyed it

創建者 Marc T


I wish there was a way to report for someone for not taking the course serious. i was forced to give a grade for a screen shot of a tv show.

創建者 Laura S


I didn't fully understand the tasks.

Would be nice to have more theory reading material to look back on without rewatching video materials.

創建者 Usama K


this course covers basic and advance knowledge about cameras and photography that is what a new photographer needs in his starting days

創建者 Igor B G


A bit too basic of a introduction. But it made me think creatively and experiment with photography. I liked the peer reviews as well.

創建者 Gabriela M


I was really helpful to give me a perspective on what photographing is! Im sure it only gets better as you continue along the path.

創建者 Robert L


I have learned much more about photography in the short few weeks of this course than studying much longer on my own. Great course.

創建者 Pratibha


This course starts from very basics of photography... what happens behind the scene when you take a picture. Its a good course.

創建者 Pasha Y


The course is taken to the very beginning, but photos for verification load a long time. Information is not all that is needed

創建者 Leo L


Creo que fue muy bueno el curso, fue muy teórico, yo esperaba un poco más práctico, pero estuvo muy bien de cualquier manera.