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學生對 EIT 数字 提供的 The Impact of Technology 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn how to use theories and methods to make predictions of the potential impact of new technology – in general, as well as for a specific application. This will prepare you for the changes that we are facing in society, and also help you take advantage of transformations that are driven by technology. The Impact of Technology course takes a broad approach, including social and economic factors. You will study historical examples and learn to recognize recurring patterns and cycles. The curriculum includes general innovation theories, foresight methodology, value chain disruption, and strategy. The general process is as follows. First, you to learn how to draw a map of the potential future business landscape. After that, you get to identify interesting future business roles in emerging value networks. Finally, we find a path from where we are today to a desired end state. You will analyze how an industry or market may change if the technology which is available today is fully implemented in a 10 to 20-year perspective. In addition, you will identify barriers to such a development and make estimates regarding the timing. The course includes a number of assignments to facilitate your learning – some of them compulsory. The largest assignment is about the introduction of self-driving cars (hence the course icon; source and credit to Google). We all know that the future can’t be fully predicted in detail. However, the methods presented in this course will help you identify potential consequences. In this way, you will get a toolbox for decision-making in the areas of technology, investments, career path, research & development, or portfolio management....




A short but steep journey. Manages to tick all the right boxes along the way.

Martin keeps it engaging.

Don't miss the assignments. They are integral to the learning.



Good balance between business strategy and foresighting models! Interactive and interesting examples are used throughout the course. Very good!


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創建者 Adrian C


The Impact of Technology assisted me to explore innovation opportunities in FINTECH, farming and healthcare.

Thank you EIT Digital

創建者 Hristina B


exceptionally well thought through and very very practical - I dont think I have done so many assignments since I was in university!

創建者 Matthias Z


although the content is very good, I can't recommend the course. The reason: you need to take quite a few exams, which will be evaluated by your peer-students. It seems that there are so few students in the course that it took weeks for evaluation of exams. Unluckily, you need to wait for this evaluation. Otherwise, you can not continue. So it will take you hundreds of USD for this course to be completed. And of course while waiting, your motivation decreases, and you also loose momentum. Very disappointing!

創建者 Jens L


The Exerciser are not reviewed and that prevents to complete the Course with a Certificate

創建者 Krzysztof S


From the perspective of a technology consultant who is not that eager to deal with management issues, the course has proven very valuable. In the first half of the course, I learned a lot about evaluating technology and making decisions about innovation. In the process of learning I also got hooked to systems thinking and I'm now exploring this field on my own. There is a direct benefit for my work from the course, as it spoke about the subject of technology evaluation frameworks, like TRLs - useful for a person who sometimes works with R&D grant procedures, like I do. The latter half of the course was mainly management-related - how to make good decisions based on the analysis of technology. While interesting, it is probably more useful to leaders and managers, still I learned a lot from these sections, especially in the last week.

As for the technical aspects of the course, there is not a single complaint I could make - the course material and tasks were properly made and self-explanatory in most cases, so everything ran smoothly. The concept of a multiple-choice quiz (they conclude each week) does not appeal to me that much, but it's probably only me. The written assignments were a great excercise in data mining and information research, I learned a lot when looking for data I needed to complete them.

創建者 Ana A


This was my first course in the field of innovation and I loved it. With it I can now understand how new technologies are thought, planned, developed and implemented in the market and the tools used to understand and react to new trends influencing economy. My background is biology and I could follow all the course contents and assignments well. Martin Vendel is a very engaging lecturer and keeps our interest throughout the course. The assignments use case studies of diverse industries, including solar energy, self-driving cars, pharma industry, etc, which makes the course even richer in my opinion. Totally recommend it.

創建者 Iman N


Professor Martin Vendel created an absolutely unique environment, Which motivated me a lot upon completing this course. Although the course material has been delivered by an online platform, Everything was covered and delivered perfectly. Many people might be selective when choosing courses of this specialization. Still, I can assure you that this course is a great way to start understanding the different aspects of innovation and Entrepreneurship.

創建者 Ahmed E


The course provides interesting insights to the future, how technology is developed, how change is created, and how that impacts the future, through a rigorous scientific concepts, as well as real life examples.

Martin is an enthusiastic teacher, with lectures to the point, short but condense with info

recommended if you are interested in technology, innovation, and shaping the future

創建者 Ivan V


The course supported me to form and refine my opinions over various topics of life, world industries.

It weavers unique vision of philosophy, analytical frameworks, studies, history, modern perspectives towards the upcoming feature.

It was a great joy and honor being part of that course.

Thank You!

創建者 Holger B


Helpful compilation of methods to develop a technology strategy. Well-structured and many practical examples make this a tangible experience.

The multiple choice quizes are a bit annoying, because the exact wording is important.

創建者 Portia P


I have gained research skills through this course.Technology is fun and makes you eager to search and learn more.I now know how self driving cars came about their not yet available in South Africa but I'm anxious already 😀.

創建者 Rohan P


Was an amazing journey in identifying how to think of opportunities in technology. What I have learned here can be applied to other areas as well, not just technology. Will look forward to apply the learning to other areas.

創建者 Luisa V d C


Great course for people interested in technology and how to estimate its impact on society and how it develops through time. Great opportunity for entrepreneurs who wants to analyse the impact of their product.

創建者 Staffan B


Excellent format and path from the beginning to the end. Martin Vendel provides a great learning experience based on real-life examples and forces you to put your knowledge into a bigger perspective.

創建者 Juliana N d N C


Amazing course. I think it is the best one I have ever audited in Coursera. Objective, useful, clear, concise... It helped me a lot in my research on educational technologies. Amazing.

創建者 Rajiv K P


A short but steep journey. Manages to tick all the right boxes along the way.

Martin keeps it engaging.

Don't miss the assignments. They are integral to the learning.

創建者 andre n


Lots of good tools and frameworks. Great definition of strategy. Great understanding of technology impact. Need a better visual material aligned with topics

創建者 Joel B


Good balance between business strategy and foresighting models! Interactive and interesting examples are used throughout the course. Very good!

創建者 S.A. P


One of the best programs I have truly acquired new knowledge

Thanks to Coursera and Mr: Martin Vendel

創建者 Shampa S


It is an extremely well taught course, recommend more courses like this and on Technology Foresight

創建者 Ranga A K


Good Concepts on the Technology and there impact does to grow your organization or own Business.

創建者 Mohammed A B S


This is an immense scope to learn The Impact of Technology to enable digital life. Thank you

創建者 Pravin S


Very Meaningful and align with my profession, so i can use for build my future accordingly

創建者 Vijaykumar H


Great course to know about techonoloy aspects , Tech Savvy 's love this course very much

創建者 Deepti S


Well structured course with good case studies and interesting and realistic assignments