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學生對 INSEAD 提供的 Introduction to Blockchain Technologies 的評價和反饋

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In this first course of the specialization, we will discuss the limitations of the Internet for business and economic activity, and explain how blockchain technology represents the way forward. After completing this course, you will be able to explain what blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary. You will learn key concepts such as mining, hashing, proof-of-work, public key cryptography, and the double-spend problem. You’ll be able to describe seven design principles for blockchain technology, and the challenges facing the people developing it. You’ll also meet the players in the blockchain ecosystem, and consider your own role in stewarding the blockchain revolution....




This course is really very helpful for students interested in Technologies or even in other fields, as Blockchain has the potential to bring a new revolution in the world, "The Second Era of Internet"



This course wonderfully describes the technology and its workings. Helped me understand the intricacies of this disruption and comprehend some of the challenges that I did not even consider before.


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創建者 Andre A M


Content is of good quality. Very breadth course where you cover a lot of superficial topics of blockchain for exposure. I don't like how they keep selling their book, which this course is basically structured off of. But still very useful if you want to understand blockchain concepts in a non-technical manner (i.e. no coding).

創建者 Nakul M


Good course to kick off an understanding of blockchain, its potential and the challenges it will face. However, I'd have preferred to see a few more real world examples rather than just a couple minutes of interview with the Fedex CIO. I am not even sure yet what Fedex has done on blockchain.

創建者 Rebecca L


This course is very suitable for new learners. It's well designed to help you have a quick grasp of the basic knowledge of Blochain, such as the background, mechanism and the current chanlleges. The course is undoubtedly the first door to the Blochain techonology. I totally recommand it!

創建者 Andrejs V


The format and explanations given are good. One of the presenter mixed politics with totally crap facts and included in the course., unbelievably for partnering it with INSEAD. At the same time some others political aspects, for example which country was behind Silk Road is omitted.

創建者 GS P


This course is a brilliant introduction to this complex domain of Blockchain. In five weeks I went from complete ignorance to a good understanding of the main concepts and of the road ahead of us. This course opens the doors to other areas linked to the BC revolution.

創建者 Alessio M


Really good introductory course going though all the different aspects of blockchain technology, including legal, regulatory as well as business impacts. A little bit disappointing the readings related to professors' book; a pdf extract would have been appreciated.

創建者 Varun s


This course was very helpful in making me understand the different types of technologies which is currently being used for blockchain. However, little more inclination towards the development side would have made this course a 5 star course.

Highlly recommended.

創建者 Rashmi P J


All the section of the course was very informative and well presented with examples . Good way to know what we are understanding by appearing in quiz at last of each session . Looking forward to next learning module in block chain to know more about this .

創建者 Sebelle S


Great course for those who need a "Blockchain 101" course. This covers most general topics in blockchain as described. It's a little difficult to understand, remember, or apply the knowledge gained from this course as it is solely theory-based.



The course is best in class. It gave the vision to implement the blockchain in real world for solving problems with its difficulties in implementation ,the challenges,the requirements. It inspired to approach in this great technology.

創建者 Andrew F


Good introduction to blockchain. A little often it felt like a sales pitch for the Tapscott's book (if I should be reading this on a course I've paid for, can't you provide the relevant chapters?!), but overall I thought it was good.



Amazing course to learn about the basic blockchain system, it's working and all other entities involved in making blockchain a success. The extra reading material provided gives detailed info about all that is know about blockchain.

創建者 Arun A


Very informative and great way to get started with understanding the fundamentals of blockchain. Good readings are linked, although some of the external ones were behind a paywall (Theya re not mandatory to complete the course) .

創建者 Visweswar B


This was a very useful course which helped me understand the basics of blockchain. However, It would have been useful if they had used tools like whiteboards/visual course material rather than just speaking sessions.

創建者 Alejandro F


Good for an introduction to the subject. Does a good job summarizing major points but it can get a bit boring and repetitive. They also try to make you buy their book all the time. But it is a good course overall.

創建者 Lorenzo M


Very useful to enter into the BC and better understand how it work and which are the application and potential usages. I recommend to follow the course if you are interest in know more about BC.

創建者 Mohamed E M


The course provides access to a wealth of information and ideas related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is really helpful to anyone who wants to pursuit a career path in blockchain field.

創建者 Raza A


Excellent course on Blockchian. It gives immense insights about What Blockchain is , It's design principles, Stakeholders, and Implementation challenges with real life scenarios.

創建者 Urmila R B


They conveying the much more information about the blockchain.

Very thanful to them. Keep going with this. I Learned a lot from this course its helps me out to doing my project.

創建者 Rohit G


A very simplified understanding of the technology for a novice like myself. Has definitely cleared a lot of doubts in my mind. Thank you for sharing the knowledge Dan and Alex.

創建者 Thomas B


Well balanced and covered a lot of angels both opportunities and threats. Excellent and it has really provoked my thinking about business models and possible innovations.

創建者 Alex C


I liked the course but would love to see some diversity in materials and subject-matter experts. Also, much of the content is outdated. But overall it is a good course.

創建者 Agostino D A


Very comprehensive , touching several aspects of what blockchain is, how it works, what are the current and future challenges. A very good introduction to the topic.

創建者 Devajeet D


It would be great if the instructors don't make politically charged statements like "This is how Russians use social media to influence election results"

創建者 Aryan S A


The course was taught very well. It gave a really good overview of Block Technology. The suggested articles have really deepened the understanding.