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學生對 延世大学 提供的 First Step Korean 的評價和反饋

46,121 個評分


This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...




useful course for fundamental learners. Everyone can take this course easily.

the instructor gives me good teaching and more information.

I can basically talk to Korean after finished the class.



This course is really a great start to learn Korean language. It taught me Hangul, particles used, vocabularies and how sentences are made. Thank you to Professor Seung Hae Kang and Yonsei University.


926 - First Step Korean 的 950 個評論(共 10,000 個)

創建者 K M


A great entry level course for those wishing to learn Korean. Realistic goals are set each chapter and they are very achieveable! I recommend taking notes at the same time to really solidify your knowledge. I'm recommending this to my colleagues!

創建者 Laura B


I found the course to be easy to manage while I work from home full-time. With the help of a few grammar activity books, and watching subtitled shows I found that I'm starting to comprehend more and more. It's a great course for absolute beginners.

創建者 Angela R


This course makes learning Korean much easier than going in alone. The material is easy to understand and the easy to pace for busy individuals. I feel confident that I can continue learning Korean with the skills I have gained through this course.

創建者 Ann J G C


Professor Kang is an excellent teacher. The course is easy to follow, the learning materials are mostly written in Korean which encouraged me to get used to reading and writing the language, and of course the examples are all helpful and practical.

創建者 Reina N G A


I really like how the course is broken down into bite-size topics that are also presented in an understandable way.

I appreciate the quiz after every lecture as it really helps me see if I understood the lecture well.

Thank you, Prof. Kang Seung Hae!

創建者 María J M


Amazing course. I'd been struggling with learning Korean, but with this course I managed to advance some more in this path. I still need to practice more, but this material is a great start to clarify some questions I had, especially in vocabulary.

創建者 Shanaz S Z


This is by far the most elaborate Korean Language class I have ever attended and I am eternally grateful to Yonsei University for this amazing experience. The teacher was very knowledgeable and she explained everything in a very understandable way.

創建者 Laryssa S R d L


This is a very good course. You can learn the important basic things from the Korean language. You will be able to understand perfectly the Hangul Alphabet. The teacher is great and has a good teaching method. I am very satisfied with this course.

創建者 Yuliia M


I recently decided to learn Korean and chose this course. I would like to thank everyone who worked on this course. It was very helpful for me. Each class was clear and very interesting. After finishing this course, my desire to learn Korean grew.

創建者 Anne C M


This is very cool and helpful! Not only that the tracker keeps you on course but the content and context of the lessons are really easy to understand if given time, effort and commitment. Might reset my deadlines and do this again after some time.

創建者 Dasha


Amazing course! everything is so clear and understandible, dispelled my fears that Korean is a very difficult language. Great thanks to the Professor, her explanantions were very clear! Sadly only 5 weeks, hope to see more lessons in the future.

創建者 Lyana L A


I've learned a lot! I also like Prof. Seung Hae Kang, she's so wall mannered and fun to listen to. I hope to see personally once I'll study as a foreign student in Korea. Thank you for this course! I'll be getting may certificate next week! 감사 해요!

創建者 Layla


I loved this course. Its my first time learning a new language and I've grown even more curious through this course.

The course was beautifully laid out and was made so easy to understand!

I'll carry on trying to be more and more fluent! <3


創建者 Yan O


Очень насыщенный курс для начального уровня. Много информации. После курса можно рассказать о себе, своей семье и увлечениях. Разбирается и грамматика с простыми глаголами. Сертификат особой роли не играет. Можно пройти курс как вольный слушатель.

創建者 Hilal A


I have started to course so long time ago but I could just finish it. It was really so good. Now I can talk about daily life, time and date, my family so easily. Thanks for Yonsei University and Seung Hae Kang! I really enjoyed and learned a lot^^

創建者 Ynna V


Because of this, I was able to learn the basics of 한글. From writing to reading and even conversational phrases to say. When I watch Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows, I can now understand some of the words and sentences they say. 정말 감사합니다!

創建者 MIMI'S F


The Korean language is amazing, before I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up but when I started studying this beautiful language here I totally changed my mind! Just do it! The teacher makes it easy than it seems to be she's a wonderful teacher!

創建者 Manish J


Amazing, amazing, amazing.........browsed through hundreds of youtube lessons but could not find a course in beginner korean as comprehensive and learner-friendly as this GEM on Coursera, thank you Yonsei, thank you Professor Kang and Coursera !!

創建者 Kia S


Excellent course for first time learners! Just a bit more practice repetitively and learners will surely be ready to amp up their Korean language learning in no time. It's very easy to follow too, especially with the way the videos were presented.

創建者 Mehriban K (


Уважаемая профессор Kang, выражаю вам огромную благодарность за те знания, которыми Вы делитесь с нами! Курс был очень продуктивным и интересным! Всё очень доступно, понятно и интересно. Отдельное спасибо Coursera и Yonsei University за этот курс!

創建者 Keivencia P A M D


This was a very informative course, I shall use all that I have learned in this course to further my Korean speaking ability. Thank you, Yonsei University for offering this course for those who wish to have a proficiency in Korean such as my self.

創建者 Bobby H


Thank you Prof Seung Hae Kang & Yonsei University to make Korean Language Lesson for Beginner so easy , you have taught me a lot, i hope you will not stop make some korean language lesson for us who curious and passionate learning Korean Language.

創建者 Hannah O


This course was very helpful In starting to learn Korean. The examples were very easy to understand. The practices was also very helpful and makes it easier to do conversations. I also liked the extra vocabulary that was given during the lectures.

創建者 Rosario A


Honestly, the explanations were super easy to understand and follow. I learned more than I had expected and I am super excited to know that there are more courses for korean here. Thank you to Yonsei University for giving us this precious course.

創建者 Maiara S


Bom, sempre tive vontade de aprender coreano com algum curso, e eu fiquei muito feliz e satisfeita em poder ter concluido esse curso que me ajudou a compreender bastante coisa e sei que levarei para o resto da minha vida de aprendizado do idioma.