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學生對 科罗拉多大学系统 提供的 Managing Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, and Seizures in School 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to School Health specialization: Managing Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Food Allergies, Diabetes, and Seizures in School course. In this course, you will learn about these common medical issues students face and how to best support students who suffer from them. We will also take a holistic look at how we can best support overall student health. We will take a look at how the school nurse provides support to students and staff in each scenario and how to plan ahead in the event of an emergency. We will walk through the reasons that schools should promote student health and how we can support students that face these common medical conditions As part of the course, we will introduce two students to help all of this information come alive. Prepare yourself to learn about these common medical conditions. Let’s get started!...




Both the instructor and the nurse instructor were great listening to and understood everything they said and the papers that you kneed to know in school. Looking forward to other classes.

Thank you



I totally recommend this course. In each leasson, the videos are very clear and with great content, and all the resouces and refences are really useful and complement what was seen in the lesson.


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創建者 Emong M


Am very happy to undertake this special course. I have learnt much from it especially to handle basic health care and emergencies.

Thanks to coursera and the lead instructors. This is my second course taken following deafness in the 21 century.



The course was really helpful for me. I have learnt a lot to manage children with Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes and Seizures. Now I shall be able to train my teachers and help my students and parents. The best thing I liked about the course is that one can learn more and more, as much as he/ she wants to, through the literature and video links provided in between the lessons. I took many more hours than suggested to know more about these diseases and how to manage them in school set up. Thanks to my teachers and Coursera for this courseware.

With warm regards,

Aditi Basu Roy


Grads International School

Greater Noida, India

創建者 Elizabeth .


Hi this course is very important to learn about school kids emergency and useful for nurses or healthcare workers at school to manage emergency situation s what is day-to-day life's happenings ..thanks to the team for this opportunity to learn about these important points.

創建者 Abdul-Fatao N I


This course has elevated the confidence I have in working with school children and staff. I recommend school staff to consider taking courses like this so we can have safe environments for everyone at school.

創建者 Maria F


Very useful and educational content for parents, physicians, teachers and anyone in everyday contact with children. Some links are not working properly. In general, highly recommended!

創建者 Kavya j


The course was very helpful, as it provided loads of information on how to manage asthma,seizures,food allergies and diabetes for the school children. It was an informative course.

創建者 Maleah S


A lot of the supplementary readings had links that did not work or no longer linked correctly "page not found" was a common issues.

A lot of the supplementary readings had "word for word" information that was just shared in the videos.

創建者 Boglárka L T


I'm a teacher and I'm learning special education. I would liked to find a course, which encompasse my learnings so far but give me new knowledge. Luckily I found teh perfect one! This course was very useful, comprehensive. I learnt about a lot these themes before, but every course gave me new line of sight and challenge. I'm grateful took part in it. Thank you so much all professor from Colorado University!

創建者 Fuzuyise


Thank you so much for updating and giving us an advance practical information in the iSchool health industry of which is ignored here in south africa, School health programme are necessity as we can experience most learners who suffers from different condition more expecial chronic ones. To get this kind of upgrade is very encouraging to this stressful industry of nursing without working tools.

創建者 Diana C R A


I totally recommend this course. In each leasson, the videos are very clear and with great content, and all the resouces and refences are really useful and complement what was seen in the lesson.

創建者 Margaret B


Excellent Course!!! I gained lots of valuable information on managing Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes & Seizures in Schools!!! I would recommend this course for new & experienced School Nurses!!!

創建者 Vanessa G


The content of this course have been very beneficial to me and i have learnt a lot. I intent to apply this knowledge when school reopens to help my colleagues and student.

創建者 Ajayi B


Thank you so much for this course and the opportunity. This is really an eye opener.this course has thought me alot of things.thx for the link and is very fast to open.

創建者 Melrose M


This course was very educational. I am very happy that I completed it. As a soon to become teacher this information and the knowledge that I have received is priceless.

創建者 Harine S


The course was very informative and helpful for teachers to know how to handle children during asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures at school.

創建者 Juan D H P


A very straight forward and easy to understan course helpful for aspiring teachers or practicing teachers, and future parents

創建者 Aruna P


I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it gave me a different dimension of the health related issues children and adolescents.

創建者 Beatrice D L


Informative, and well-delivered overview of each chronic disease and appropriate management in a school setting

創建者 Hameer K


it is a very interesting course for managing Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes and seizures in daily life!



Very informative, well structured and very useful for basic responses to all four situations.

創建者 Yecenia R


Excellent course. And very important sites to find more information. Love it.

創建者 Lisa M


Great course, loaded with helpful information! Nice array of instructors.

創建者 Ashish C


Really amazing to get lots of knowledge

創建者 Emma I R


Good topics and wonderful instructors !

創建者 Hagar Y


it is too rich and informative course