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學生對 悉尼大学 提供的 The Place of Music in 21st Century Education 的評價和反饋

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What do children need from education now, and in the future? How is technology best used in teaching and learning? How can innovative approaches to education be reconciled with established, traditional ones? What does student-centred learning really mean? This five module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music educators. It’s suitable for anyone interested in creativity-infused education, in contemporary education issues, and in the integration and use of digital technology. It’s designed to challenge old paradigms, to inspire innovative and creative pedagogical philosophies, and to develop your ability to critically respond to the latest research. We’ll visit schools with vastly different approaches to learning and teaching, and meet inspiring teachers and principals. We’ll venture inside the classroom to closely observe how technology is integrated with music education – or how it’s decidedly not! We’ll talk to international leaders and experts about innovative and traditional approaches to music education, and I’ll provide insights from my own practice as well as from some of my students. I’ll be provoking you to think critically and creatively, to develop your own ideas and theories around students’ educational needs and the impact of digital technologies, now and into the future. Copy and paste this link into your browser to watch the trailer:




This course was just what I needed. The content was engaging and posed some challenging questions that are very relevant to music educators in the 21st Century. I would highly recommend this course!



Beautifully step by step designed course. Gained some useful practices which I can apply in my classroom as well. Music teachers from all over the world can found something useful in this course.


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創建者 Harmin A V C


Es un curso inspirador, nos llena de esperanza e invita a que esta hermosa "disciplina" de la música lleve la batuta en el ámbito educativo del siglo 21.

創建者 Daniel B


Great course in all aspects. It's a bang for the buck being only 49$ and with so much information.

創建者 Ben Z


What a great course and resource for music teachers. Illuminating, thought-provoking, and relevant. I really look forward to your next MOOC with some more practical examples of the use of technology in the music classroom. I leave the course with lots of new ideas, fresh energy, and an openness towards re-evaluating what's important in the music classroom. I also have a new appreciation for all that technology has to offer. While it is daunting, it is also tremendously exciting. The course was well-produced, engaging, and the interviews were fantastic. Amazing resource, so happy this exists!

創建者 Lauri B


This course makes you think about how to design your own music classes and why. Some very interesting and inspiring ideas are given from different angles. Translations from general didactic ideas to music classes specifically are also made. Next to this, James wears terrific shirts :-) Thank you very much for those wonderful classes! I'm inspired to re-think my music classes for next school year, especially because I'll have to re-design my classes to be able to give them online due to Covid-19. In this light, the ideas in this course were very helpfull too!

創建者 Hedwig C S


I really enjoyed this course, and the practical application of each module also helped expand my website and my real world understanding of music in education. Highly recommend this course - HOWEVER it is sometimes quite difficult to get the necessary Peer reviewed feedback in order to progress with the course. -- Fortunately this issue was eventually resolved via emails. Hopefully this small glitch in the overall efficiency of the course can be resolved as it is a very useful and enjoyable course overall.

創建者 Agnes C ( r


This is a unique course. It mentioned a lot of things I never thought of to include in my current teaching. My teaching is still traditional way and I found students getting lost interests. Thanks to this course encourage me to think about teaching renovation through the assignments. I like to provide peer reviews as I can read what other musicians thinking other side of the world. It really open up my mind in future education.

創建者 Carrie P


Such an excellent course!! I would highly recommend it to music teachers, musicians, or any curious music lover. What made it really great was the wealth of different sources & videos, exhaustive reading lists, and assignments which not only helped build critical thinking & writing style, but enthusiasm of the peers on the course and our exchanges in learning. Thank you! I hope there's one to follow this soon!

創建者 Crimson R


Interesting course filled with many musical education methods I was not aware of. I did not like the course forcing us to open a website and writing blog posts about and for the course, they could have easily been written in Coursera's system and I do not enjoy providing SEO forcefully. Other than that I've enjoyed the course content and I recommend it.

創建者 Militao d M R


Very good course! It shows many distincts points of view and a very broad and contemporary perspective of music education. I learned a lot. The materials and videos are very well produced and good to watch. I do recommend this course. I thank and congratulate Prof. Humberstone for the very good job.

創建者 Andrew P


The course was well structured and thought provoking. As an experienced teacher (over 20 years) it was an effective way of surveying some of the current trends. I recommend the course to all music teachers. I look forward to more courses from the University of Sydney and Dr James Humberstone.

創建者 Samuel W


Written with a dual focus and eye on future education paradigms. Not to mention engaging with real-world conflicts from parents, schools, curriculum and ideas. This is something administrators and music educators of all schools should engage it.

創建者 Kyle P


Excellent course. Gave me lots to think about in my own teaching practice. I really appreciated the different perspectives presented in the videos, and the writing assignments really forced me to develop my own thoughts on the issues.

創建者 Anthony L J


James Humberstone's course is inspiring, but also confronting. Presenting seemingly opposite approaches to teaching music goes someway to demonstrate that concepts outweigh the specifics of different approaches.

創建者 Terry O


Anyone teaching music at this time in history can benefit from taking this course. James Humberstone will introduce you to people, ideas, movements, and methods that will change your perspectives for the better!

創建者 Peter S


This course was just what I needed. The content was engaging and posed some challenging questions that are very relevant to music educators in the 21st Century. I would highly recommend this course!

創建者 Priyanka S


Beautifully step by step designed course. Gained some useful practices which I can apply in my classroom as well. Music teachers from all over the world can found something useful in this course.

創建者 Rafael L L


Just very well made, a lot of great reflections. You have to do some real work to finish the course...which is very good. I recommend

創建者 Shirley W


Excellent course bringing both theories and practices for innovative music education

創建者 Christopher D H


Excellent course, easy to follow and enjoyable content.

創建者 Mohammed E


I highly recommend it for all music teachers.

創建者 Cristiano R


A must for any educator

創建者 Belinda D


Awesome course.

創建者 Franber C


Very useful!

創建者 Diab Z


thank you

創建者 Jodie L P


i found the first part was not up to date. The information given for Worldpress did not align with what is currently available. It made for a lot of headaches. I found the research provided very thought provoking.