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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 Noun Clauses and Conditionals 的評價和反饋

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This is the third course in the Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation specialty. In this class, you will learn about the advanced grammar concepts of noun clauses and conditionals. You will learn about several different types of each and get lots of practice using them appropriately. This may seem like difficult grammar, but this course will make them easy to understand. These grammar points are essential for any learner trying to master fluency in the English language. Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....




Thank you! It was good experience! There were many different assignments, that were really helpfull in better memorizing this grammatical material. Thank you a lot!



The Instructors were very good. The method of teaching was very captivating and fun. Big Thanks for the instructors who made this course available.


26 - Noun Clauses and Conditionals 的 50 個評論(共 120 個)

創建者 Kelly R


Great. The problem with UCI courses is that there is always some mistake in the quizzes or instructions for assignments, and nothing happens when we flag them.

創建者 Sam A


The video lectures are very good and I have been learning a lot. However, people with expertise should manage the assignment grading. The reason is, in my experience, learners fail to provide any feedback so that one can understand the "alleged" errors. Some learners deduct points without giving any justification nor merely pointing out the alleged mistakes.How am I supposed to submit an assignment again and get a passing grade if I don't even know what mistakes were made in the first place ?

The help center has given the same repetitive, generic answer which is just a diplomatic version of "not in our scope, suck it up , have a good day and 'happy learning'". That's totally unacceptable.

創建者 Andrey M


I took this course only because of the 4th part. I paid 100$ for that. Now i cannot get the access because some other student from their system hasn't look at my task (that contains 10 absolutely unnecessary for getting a new info sentences ). You spoiled my vacation time, which i wanted to spend taking this course, and you a wasting my money day by day expalining why you cannot do anything. It was a big mistake to take this course. Its not studying- Its just recurrent money makers And actually its a fraud.

創建者 Sajjad M


The three courses that I've already taken in this specialization were very great courses, and I learned how to speak and write in English with correct grammar. Although before taking these courses I spoke in English a lot, by taking these courses I realized that I had had a lot of mistakes in my both speaking and writing, and so improved them as much as I could. Thank you Coursera and University of California, Irvine.

創建者 Abdullah Y


It's really hepful !& learning English WIith UCI is definitely the best decisions &fun.

Although I was studying very advance Grammar,I had never felt that it,s advance grammar.

futhermore I feel like a native After completing this course.

Not only I finished studying this one ,but i completed two others also.

I'm looking forword to joying others.

Thank you very much teachers.

創建者 Hossain M Z


Honestly, Coursera is the best platform for learning new skills. However, I gained confidence after taking some specialization courses. In addition, I truly appreciate all the great instructors for amazing skill sharing. Hence, I am applying all the skills and knowledge in my practical day-to-day life which I have learned in Coursera.

創建者 Berenice M F


This course is amazing!!! Emily and Jake are awesome teachers!! They should be in Hollywood too, they are very talented!! All the examples help me so much because all of them are memorable!!! Thank you very much!!

創建者 Vanessa A


This course was engaging and the delievery by the lecturers made it easier to understand. There are lots of opportunities to check and develop your understanding. It's not an easy course, but it is worth it.

創建者 bhargav r


The Instructors were very good. The method of teaching was very captivating and fun. Big Thanks for the instructors who made this course available.

創建者 Fernando C R


Excellent course! I learned a lot about noun clauses and reinforced conditionals. Thanks to the teachers and all the team involved in this course.

創建者 Карина К


this specialization is better than the other one by this university

the theory they give is good and understandable

challenging course



One of the best and complete Courses with a huge range of extra activities that helpes me to improve my learning skills. tysm.



Me gustaron mucho los videos, muy divertidos algunos y ayudaban a entender el concepto que se quería enseñar,

創建者 Teddy G F


Awesome Courses! So today, i have learned it all and it make me great to write english sentences! Good Job!

創建者 Chené V


Really amazing! The way this is taught is made easy and the assignments really help improve your English.

創建者 Anari E D


Really enjoyed this course. Highly recommended for non native speakers who wants to speak like a native.

創建者 ali y


It is an easy-to-follow course. Great Lecturers and subjects are included in this course. Loved it!

創建者 Rustamova G O q


With this classes I improve my grammar in these themes, thank you a lot my teachers, BEST WISHES!

創建者 luciana a a


The course offers great grammar explanations and made complex subjects simple and easy.

創建者 Yi_Lin C


Sterling works at keeping education so painlessly entertaining. Thank you Emily & Jake.

創建者 Achille G


Complet, touche à toutes les facette aussi cachée soit elle. J'ai vraiment apprécié

創建者 Ana G V F


A great course to learn advanced English grammar regarding nouns and conditionals!

創建者 brain c


New amazing knowledge from the best teacher. Thank You, Mrs. Emily and Mrs. Jake

創建者 missy D


This course is fantastic, entertaining, and great for advanced English speakers

創建者 Juan E C H


My English grammar improved a lot with this course. I highly recommend it.