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學生對 IE商学院 提供的 Why Scale a Startup? 的評價和反饋


If you want to find out how to begin to scale up a company, this course is for you! This course will guide you through all the key questions you need to ask yourself to prepare to scale up a startup, provide you with the necessary frameworks to begin the scaleup process, and offer insights from real, successful companies who have been in your shoes before and have made the transition. After taking this course, you will be able to: identify the key challenges to scaling up and list possible solutions to these problems; discuss the differences between growing and scaling; offer tips on how to make your company weatherproof (identify risk and offer strategies to mitigate these risks); and explain common best practices for scaling up effectively and efficiently. This course brings together practical advice, real-life examples, and big-picture insights from well-known companies and experts in the field so you can see what has worked for other companies and develop a "toolbox" of scaling solutions. Make your scaleup journey as smooth and surprise-free as possible - with this course, you´ll know the types of issues that arise in most scaleups and learn how to solve them....