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學生對 IE商学院 提供的 Scaling Product and Processes 的評價和反饋


Fine-tune your product and processes before you begin to scale up your startup! Take the guesswork out of product-market fit and sales and marketing for your scaleup with this course and discover what sets your product apart and how to capitalize on what your company has to offer as you scale up your startup. In this course, you will learn how to rethink your product to make sure it is scalable; understand the importance and elements of a growth strategy; discover how to structure your growth team; learn how to align sales and marketing for the scaleup stage; and ensure you know how to protect your cash, your company, and your personal well-being in this crucial stage of going from startup to scaleup. This course brings together practical advice, real-life examples, and big-picture insights from well-known companies and experts in the field so you can see what has worked for other companies and develop a "toolbox" of scaling solutions. Get perspective on how your company operates and optimize it for scale – this course will prime your product and processes for exponential growth....