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學生對 西北大学 提供的 The Talmud: A Methodological Introduction 的評價和反饋

265 個評分


The Talmud is one of the richest and most complicated works of literature the world has ever known. Since being composed around 1500 years ago it has inspired not only religious reverence but significant intellectual engagement. In this course learners will be introduced to the unique characteristics of this text and the challenges that inhere in studying it while studying a chapter of the Talmud. Students of the course can expect to develop an appreciation for how the Talmud works and why it continues to inspire religious and intellectual devotion. They will be challenged to employ critical reading skills and to analyze legal and historical concepts....




Great way of introducing a topic as complex as the Talmud. It was surely amazing to have such course instructors who can rarely be matched both in eloquence and erudition. Overall it was fun!



Best course I've experienced on Coursera so far! Really engaging and not 'dumbed down'. Fantastic and charismatic professor and assistant. Already recommended the course to many friends.


26 - The Talmud: A Methodological Introduction 的 50 個評論(共 96 個)

創建者 Andreas K


ery good structured with a clear line and good examples. The topic itself is complex and sometimes confusing. However Mrs Wolf and Mr. Wimpfheimer gave a very good overview

創建者 Lucy I D L R T


Es gratamente impresionante que gente joven este preparada y se vea la fluidez con la que trata el tema, ya que este es parte de su vida, felicitaciones a ambos profesores.

創建者 Melchisedec S


Very informative. As a reader of the Bible, I wanted to get as many understandings as I could. This course has definitely helped in my understanding of interpretation.

創建者 Andrew K


I learned a lot. The course was well thought out, the presenters were knowledgeable and their material was well articulated, useful and interesting. Thank you!

創建者 Helena V


Fantastic course. Dense yet extremely well organized. I finished the course in 3-4 days because the way the material was presented was extremely interesting.

創建者 Sister P P O


Thank you for the clear instruction about a difficult topic of study. I marvel at the Talmud and the Rabbis who contributed to the wisdom contained within.

創建者 Jay Y


I was a good course. I learned many things about Talmud that I did nit know before. It gave me a good understanding while reading the book The Talmud.

創建者 Yap y k


I have learn about the complexity of the methods the rabbi used in the Talmud and an eye opener for me into the world of rabbinic world .

創建者 Rob J


Outstanding! Loved the content, the presentation and the instructors were excellent. The MOOC was informative, as well.

創建者 Tracy T


An outstanding look into the complexities and nuances of the the Talmud. Well-taught, thought-provoking, interesting...

創建者 Paul F


Very interesting course. Good clear lectures and well presented material. Learned a lot and will continue the subject.

創建者 John R


Now I can read the Talmud and understand the discussions presented in light of the explanations given in the course.

創建者 Ben Z


Phenomenal! I wish that I could study more Talmud with such in-depth guidance for every single page haha

創建者 JOHN Q


Nice course. I had no understanding of this part of Judism at all and the course really helped me.

創建者 Rosemary K


A good foundation to reading the Talmud. The course was challenging and thought provoking.

創建者 McKenzi N


Very informative yet good for beginners! I hope you two do more courses on the Talmud :)

創建者 Alberto A O


Very well presented. Fluid, fascinating and fun. Thank you for all the work!

創建者 Ivayla I


This is a fantastic course! I have learned so much! Thank you for offering it!

創建者 Enrique G


Good explanations and very clear. Deep analysis about different options


創建者 Froment-Chatre


Todah rabah pour ce précieux cours. Un cordial shalom de France. Lehitraot.

創建者 Ray M


Awesome course! It has really made me want more studies such as this.

創建者 Elaine H


very interesting! Some of the slides could use some work