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學生對 哥本哈根大学 提供的 Urbanisation and Health - Promoting Sustainable Solutions 的評價和反饋

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More than half of world’s population lives in cities while only 5% did so in the 18th century. The rapid urbanisation has resulted in for example inadequate infrastructure, physical inactivity, gentrification, air pollution, and growing numbers of slum dwellers. All factors challenging health and wellbeing of the people living in the cities. In addition, when addressing climate change it has become of paramount importance to look at mitigation and adaptation investments tailored to the urban context. As stated in the Sustainable Development Goal 11 adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015, societies need to be at the forefront in the continuous management and design of urban spaces to secure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. In this course, you will learn about the key determinants of urban health including demography, climate change, air pollution, noise, transport systems, public and blue and green spaces, and policies and investments affecting sense of community and public safety. You will get a historical overview of the major trends in urban planning and meet a range of stakeholders in urban planning who will provide examples of innovative methods and people-centered approaches to create sustainable solutions. Finally, you will be provided with a series of resources to inspire you to help create awareness and action around an idea or sustainable solution in the field of urbanisation and health. The course has been developed (with support from EIT Health) in a partnership between the University of Copenhagen, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and University of Coimbra. Researchers and stakeholders in urban planning will introduce you to cases from cities in Denmark, Spain, Portugal and many other urban settings across the world. The aim of the course is to further interdisciplinary knowledge on urbanisation and health. We plan for the courses to reach citizens and activists as well planners, practitioners and decision-makers with a professional interest in sustainable urban planning from countries around the world....




Very instilling. good lecturing skills, vast knowledge . i just loved . Practical approaches and well structured questions and dicussions



The course was excellent, added a lot of information to my previous knowledge. I thank all the professors and producers of this course.


1 - Urbanisation and Health - Promoting Sustainable Solutions 的 25 個評論(共 29 個)

創建者 rachel v


loved it!

創建者 Андреева А А


A very good course. I speak as a very demanding person. I enjoyed it. The professors provided a lot of important information. Not only interesting one, but also useful for practical use: graphs, schemes, resources, manuals, examples of the implementation of many urban innovative solutions in cities of different countries. For me personally, it is very important when there is an example of someone's experience. Since it is possible to reduce the quantity of errors. The information is diverse and versatile. I have learned a lot and it is good that there is an opportunity to return to the course again if I need information. Many thanks to the professors, you are very pleasant and interesting, thank you to everyone who made efforts to create this course. The interest in urban design and planning with the inclusion of green elements is now increasing all over the world and this course will be extremely in demand. Thanks! It was a valuable experience.

創建者 JOSE R I F A


ha sido un gran curso con material muy actualizado, proveniente de instituciones prestigiadas. Ofrece al estudiante una amplia perspectiva de como se hermanan el Urbanismo y la salud para beneficio de la humanidad. Me quedo muy complacido por el curso. Entre a él como “oyente” y desconozco si aún es posible obtener el certificado? He e cumplido con todoas las tareas.

創建者 gandi m


Wonderful course to be learnt, u will have an exposure of factors effecting health and its dynamics of sustainability.

創建者 Tiago M


Excellent topics (videos, reading resources, ...) and professionals! 5 stars!

創建者 Marlown E C G


Exelente, aprendi muchas cosas importantes sobre el urbanismo y la salud.

創建者 Ay�e M E


very beneficial course

創建者 CE2210_ A Y



創建者 Hlumelo F



創建者 Flavia B


I am trying to download my certificate but the following error message appears on the screen: Attempted to fetch PDF but got the following errors:Could not find a rectangular or square logo for partner Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Please notify the Partner to upload one.

創建者 Tasneem Z B


The course is really good. I wish there was some type of written assignment where we could apply our learning

創建者 Aedrian A


This course serves as an insightful overview of the prevailing perspectives, both historical and current, on sustainable urbanization. A ever-increasingly important topic to deal with, as more and more of the world’s population are occupying urban rather than rural localities, the offering shares a multi- and interdisciplinary approach that puts human and natural well-being (instead of the profit motive) at the center. The cities of today and of the future should be smart, green, healthy, climate-resilient and, most importantly, sustainable – lest our species and the ecosystem services we rely on continue to be imperiled by an increasingly-inhospitable world. Everyone living and have experienced being in a city – virtually all of us – can relate to at least one major point from the shared material, and this can be an impetus for advocacy to make urbanization sensible in our various localities.

創建者 Ana C H


As a young architects, profoundly interested in cities and those inhabiting them, I found this course truly insightful. It gives an overview of the main aspects connecting urban planning and public health, underlining what professionals can do, based on other case studies, to make the first serve the second. I also found very helpful Week 5 videos on how to translate the knowledge we gathered to analyse the challenges around us, raise public awareness on those and advocate convincingly to reach to tailor-made solutions.

創建者 Dr . G M A


The problem is to change the circumstances, the environment and the natures of life

The reason is rapid development

The solution is to reduce negative practices that affect our lives

Exercise, healthy eating, etc.

I listened a lot and enjoyed this course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dr. Ghazwan Mohammed Al Sheikh

創建者 Sascha H


It was a great course, a perfect introduction into the topic of the connection between Urbanisation and Health and how to engage in sustainable solutions.

I enjoyed the videos and the interesting insights they provided. I also liked the fact that after each video we had to answer some questions, that was just perfect.

創建者 yolisa


It makes me beleive that we have to undestand that any project or idea needs and structure, a process and probes to make it possible. Always going back and forward in order to achive a goal that improves people lives from now on and for the future.



Very instilling. good lecturing skills, vast knowledge . i just loved . Practical approaches and well structured questions and dicussions

創建者 Nassim H


The course was excellent, added a lot of information to my previous knowledge. I thank all the professors and producers of this course.

創建者 The M


Great Course. The knowledge gained from this course will help me further research to improve the health situation in Nigeria.

創建者 Birgilio R C


Very important content for Urbanisation plans and solutions.

創建者 Raimundo N


Grateful for this fulfilling journey in such a noble field!

創建者 บาศมน ม


Fantastic! Very structure and interesting!

創建者 Carolina S


Excellent course. I fully recommend it.

創建者 Tolulope B


I really enjoyed this course

創建者 Ashmath B


it was good.