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學生對 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Managerial Accounting Fundamentals 的評價和反饋

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This course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, will teach you the fundamentals of managerial accounting including how to navigate the financial and related information managers need to help them make decisions. You'll learn about cost behavior and cost allocation systems, how to conduct cost-volume-profit analysis, and how to determine if costs and benefits are relevant to your decisions. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Describe different types of costs and how they are represented graphically - Conduct cost-volume-profit analyses to answer questions around breaking even and generating profit - Calculate and allocate overhead rates within both traditional and activity-based cost allocation systems - Distinguish costs and benefits that are relevant from those that are irrelevant for a given management decision - Determine a reasonable course of action, given the financial impact, for a given management decision...





I loved the course. The prof is so nice and deliver all information so easily and understandable even for the person with absolutely another sphere.

Thank you! I recommend it 100%



Excellent course, very useful and applicable. Excellent teacher.

Some writing errors in the quizzes and exercises, but for everything else, it was excellent. I learned a lot.


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創建者 M E N


this course very convenient for mangers . Mrs Luann J. Lynch is great instructor , i really love the way she taught us. thanks to her for making Managerial Accounting so easy .

創建者 Odile M


The course is very well explained: the teacher always managed to let you understand the most and the curriculum is very clear with examples for each case.

One thing I would recommend is to extend the last week courses over 2 weeks. There is a lot of stuff to learn in that particular week and more examples should be given to have clearer understanding. The way those lessons (on week 4) are presented can sometimes be very very confusing. (ex. the "contribution per machine hour" concept).

But overall, it is a great class taught by a great teacher and I highly recommend it...

創建者 Ahsan A


It was really amazing course and quite helpful I took an other course on Coursera similar to this one but honestly this one is amazing and i abandoned the other one because that one was out of understanding even though the topics were same so teacher really matters finally loved it

創建者 Mridul M


I'm really glad I took this course. It's helped me touch base with the basic concepts of managerial accounting, which I think is going to be really relevant for my professional goals. I also enjoyed the honors section where we worked on the cases like a live business problem. And of course, Prof. Luann's humorous quips during the entire course, kept the subject matter and atmosphere light (although I did find myself rolling my eyes sometimes, at the video transitions to the light boards and Prof. Luann "running", but I'm sure that was the intended purpose to make us forget the course for a moment, so full marks for that!!). I hope there can a more advanced version of this course, But then I expect that's what usiness schools are for! :P

創建者 Tarek M


Overall it was very helpful. i had a chance to recall and to learn new topics.

Gained some new skills and that i am ready to use in my practical work.

Really enjoyed the costing methods and the analysis throughout the whole course.

Many thanks for the instructor and best of luck for my peers.

創建者 Mia K


The lecturer has explained so well and I found myself immersed in her teaching. She is perfect for students with no accounting background (like me) to start gaining confidence and interests in accounting for managers.

創建者 Constanza C


Excellent course, very useful and applicable. Excellent teacher.

Some writing errors in the quizzes and exercises, but for everything else, it was excellent. I learned a lot.

創建者 Mike M


The instructor is good, but I struggled in two specific areas. After watching and re-watching the lectures, I was still struggling and was not getting helpful feedback. I ended up going to my local library and checking out two textbooks on Managerial Accounting, which cleared up the areas in question. This leads me to believe that it was a combination of the lack of clarity in the lectures, and quiz & test questions that were not well-written; I subsequently was able to easily pass those sections, thanks to the surplus materials from my local library.

創建者 Ibnu B


This course is very good and useful for someone who wants to learn to invest or someone who wants to learn to analyze the fundamentals of a company that they want to invest in. Because if you complete this course you will get skills such as, Describe different types of costs and how they are represented graphically, Conduct cost-volume-profit analyzes to answer questions around breaking even and generating profit, Calculate and allocate overhead rates within both traditional and activity- based cost allocation systems, etc. The point is about the finances and fundamentals of a company

創建者 Ashley W


Although the material got more challenging as it progressed (especially week 3,) I feel like the professor made sure that we could understand all the materials. It's been a while since I've been in school, so even though I've always been a successful student, I was a bit nervous heading in. For all the people out there still hesitant about diving in: have no fear!

It was great that coursera lets me keep pushing my deadlines, so I didn't ever need to make the decision of Work vs. Learning. It was hard, but as long as you take the time to review, you can be sure of success eventually.

創建者 Martín E


I loved the courser but there are still some mistakes in the course, the most critical part is that there are mistakes in the exams (well I found 1 in Week 3). Besides that the course is great, I love how everything is explained, it's interesting that it included some real cases (the Honors part). A lot of opportunities for practicing, this is due to the fact that you need to do the exam like twice so to say because there is the practice quiz and the graded one.

創建者 Chris P


This course was a very helpful introduction to managerial accounting fundamentals. I found it to be engaging, informative, and appropriately challenging for a beginner in the field without being overwhelming. The professor does an excellent job of breaking down complicated subject matter into understandable terms and digestible segments. I highly recommend this course!

創建者 Raphael A


This for me is one of the greatest courses I have ever applied for on Coursera. Prof. Lynch breaks down the subject matter into simple, understandable terms, and her flair for the presentation of the material is brilliantly crafted. I would entreat students who have an urge in managerial accounting to take a hand in this course. Thank you.

創建者 Emma Y


This is a fun learning process. I learnt a lot and all I believe to achieve high score of this lesson you just need to be patient with numbers and use the correct logic to interpret things. But I think the lesson content needed to be a bit more rich, I only find out I have questions when I was taking the exam. But all in all, it was great!

創建者 Rajesh A


Managerial accounting fundamentals gives brief on Type of Cost, Break even analysis, relevant cost benefit, make or buy decision making, Keep or drop product decision and activity based costing. it was wonderful course little bit of more calculation but enjoyed the learning with lots of practice. thank you

創建者 Shakhzod T


I'm very happy to have taken this course! I learned a lot from this course thanks to the professor Luann Lynch. She is really professional and I really liked her way of teaching. I strongly recommend others to take this course as well. Coursera is the best learning platform that I have ever known!

創建者 Hanshen A


Mrs. Lynch is a great teacher, the way she explained is fun and understandable. The exercise is helping me with my college. I learned the basic concepts. Through this course I am gaining confidence and interests in accounting for managers. I strongly recommend others to take this course.



Wonderful course and the great professor, She goes down to the basics and teach how the costs vary with respect to the allocation systems. great insights and thoroughly enjoyed the course. expecting more courses from the prof. Light -board is super fun in the course.

創建者 Mike G


The instructor was great, very informative and has a wonderful teaching style to keep you interested and enganged in the course. I recommend this course if you need to learn some basic cost accounting or just need to brush up.

創建者 Muhammad A


This course has been very beneficial for all the manager who deal in costing department .

It will enable to real time costing methods and allocation of cost .This course will lead me to lead the product costing department.

創建者 Emmanuel V


The best financial course I have ever studied and applied to my professional career with amazing results, also it was so practical and at the same time fruitful. It will impact positively my professional development.

創建者 Yness M


The concept, presentation and the teacher are top notch! The difficulty level hard enough to start getting a grasp of the logic behind decision making! One of the very best courses I have done on Coursera so far!



A very nice course with lots of opportunities to practice and hone our skills in managerial accounting as well as financial accounting. Exercises and quizzes also helped in a deeper understanding of concepts.

創建者 Shaoli M


This course was a fantastic refresher! As I was doing the course, I could clearly connect the learnings with my on-the-job experiences and I believe, that bolstered my understanding of managerial accounting.

創建者 Alok P C


Luann managed to simplify concepts which i presumed would be hard to learn and she deserves immense credit that . I truly loved learning about in this course and recommend others to do it if possible .