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學生對 哥本哈根商学院 提供的 领导21世纪的组织机构 的評價和反饋

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Meet Jim Barton, the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace. Jim's job won't be easy: the company's hemorrhaging cash, struggling to regain investors' trust after an accounting scandal, and striving to transform its culture to become a more global competitor. In this course, you’ll travel with Jim as he takes on leadership challenges ranging from strategy execution, to inspiring people, to maintaining an ethical approach. Experts agree that twentieth-century leadership practices are inadequate for the stormy twenty-first-century present. This provocative course equips you with the insights you'll need to rise with the occasion of a rapidly shifting business landscape. The course is based on a book, Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a 21st Century Leader, by Robert D. Austin, Richard L. Nolan, and Shannon O'Donnell, published by Harvard Business Review Press. Purchase of the book is optional. If you want more information about the book or wish to buy it, see or After taking the course, you'll be able to: o Enact your own personal leadership approach, derived from your ongoing evaluation of how Jim Barton has handled his leadership situation, as well as from established leadership concepts and frameworks; o Avoid leadership actions that might have worked in the past, but are not suited to a newly challenging 21st century world; o Navigate treacherous new 21st century leadership challenges, such as greater reliance on specialized workers or the need to respond to external scrutiny in an increasingly transparent world (and many more); o Avoid "slippery slope" ethical failures, and think more clearly about the separation between public and private life for a 21st century leader....




This course will certainly help you know each stepping stone during your leadership journey.

Know the crisis and how we can sail through it, and kind of Leadership traits.

Kudos to the team.



It has been an eye opener to many possibilities of successfully leading a modern organisation. The learning process was made easy an interesting by real life examples. I really ejoyed this course.


101 - 领导21世纪的组织机构 的 125 個評論(共 359 個)

創建者 Dasi R N


I enjoyed the course and learned so much from it

I would recommend it to all that want's to have a big picture of business at the 21st century.



It gave an opportunity to learn about leadership and the importance of collaboration and communication as for being an effective leader.



Prof. Robert D. Austin is one of the best teachers i have ever met. I would like to have more courses with Prof. Austin. AMAZING course

創建者 Lolita G R


The Course is really inspiring and great. I would love to visit all the videos again to revise for my future plans. Thank you so much.

創建者 Daniel F


Overall very nice and helpful. I think all the necessary topics are covered. Not all the links to videos and reading material worked.

創建者 Peder R


Interesting course, makes great usage of the coursera platform, and the mix between teaching thinking and discussion on the platform.

創建者 NIKI C


Though the topic of discussion was not anywhere near my line of work, I was still pleased with the learning content of this course.

創建者 aymeric p


This course is very interesting and useful ! It allows a better understanding of the leadership theories in a realistic context.

創建者 Davuluri V R


very useful for senior leaders who are looking for transformation in the business model. the content is very well presented.

創建者 Sergiu D


Great course! While it is very informative and at the point, it is also engaging in the form of the short videos presented.

創建者 Ukhorsky A


Interesting and fun course that inspires and gives opportunity to think about leadership and innovations in organizations.

創建者 Sari U


Really good course, high quality! I can recommend this one to anyone wanting to have some more stuff on their bread :)

創建者 Moosa A M


A very resourceful course to those who wish to have their leadership skills enhanced to 21st century organizations.

創建者 Bongani M


Very powerful course I will recommend this course to anyone. Thanks to the course instructors and Jim Burton Team.

創建者 Gerry


Excellent course to get you to think through your leadership style and to give you some ideas / tools to work on.

創建者 AU M S


Innovative course content delivered with dramatized episodes. Definitely one of the best courses out there.

創建者 Sade B


Great information. Really digs deep into leadership skills and team communication for company advancement.

創建者 Muhammad A R


All course is excellent but week no 6 is third class, please improve assessment criteria of week no 6 only

創建者 Daniel L


Loved the structure of this course. I learned so much seeing visual examples of the leadership in action.

創建者 Mehmet S K


This course is amazing. You can learn something new or something you assumed you have already known.

創建者 Ian S


A very enjoyable course, packed with relevant information and case studies for the modern leader.

創建者 Elcio M


Very well structured, very good material to support the learning. I am really impressed. Thanks.

創建者 Dr. B V


The Course gave insights on various topics which can be related to present business challenges.

創建者 Ghandi T


Great course and insight into Leadership and Management. Professors are extremely professional

創建者 Deependra K


This was a good course. I hope it will help me in the future. thanks for offering its course.