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學生對 以色列理工学院 提供的 Cracking the Creativity Code: Discovering Ideas 的評價和反饋

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Skill at discovering new ideas, and delivering them, may be one of the most important practical job skills, in today’s and tomorrow’s job market. Creativity is an acquired skill, one that improves with practice. This course aims to empower individuals who believe they have lost their innate creativity, because they, their employers or teachers prefer the three R's: replication, repetition and rote, to innovation. We show how to re-ignite rusty creative powers. During this course, you will learn proven tools, frameworks and concepts useful for discovery– generating an endless stream of new ideas implementing at least some of those ideas with skill and persistence, based on books and articles written by the instructors. In the first part of the course, you will learn a proven structured method for generating and implementing world-changing ideas known as ‘Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom in’ that makes creativity more accessible to everyone. In the following weeks, you will learn practical proven tools useful for delivering ideas by employing the basic principles of business and management. You will practice the method, use it to tackle challenging real-world needs and produce a 2-3 minutes video presenting your idea. Course Learning Outcomes On successfully completing this four-week course, you will be able to: - Manage a process to generate an unending stream of creative ideas - Lead a process of innovation and implement ideas through all phases from discovery to delivery. - Apply creativity to a wide range of strategic management issues. - Solve problems with a high degree of innovation, creative thinking and risk taking. - Use and apply proven structured method for generating and implementing world-changing ideas known as ‘Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom in’. - Develop and implement an innovation in your own practice. - Identify new and unfamiliar challenges and reflect on these challenges from a creative point of view, action they require and service they provide. - Demonstrate creative problem solving skills for defining, structuring and solving real world operations management problems....




Really excellent Course with the great educators. There's a lot that can be learned in this course and applicate in everyday life, especially if you are teacher who transferred knowledge to students.



Creatively inspiring, great content to reflect and practice upon and great innovation spark, thanks to Prof. Shlomo Maital & Arie Ruttenberg for delivering this creative experience and knowledge.


26 - Cracking the Creativity Code: Discovering Ideas 的 50 個評論(共 236 個)

創建者 Samy D


I'm so far very impressed with this course series and I'm so excited to dicover

創建者 Mina E


a course I have been looking forward to for such a long time!

創建者 Carlos F A S


love it, its full with examples and stories of creativity.

創建者 蒋驰


Good! I have learnt alot about creativity from the lesson.

創建者 chla6329


Thank you Prof. Shlomo Maital, I like this course a lot

創建者 Antoni B


We were presented a totally new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, which was very interesting and inspiring. Prof. Shlomo Maital provides us with an impuls to go through an experience and transformation stages (as per Gilmore and Pine II).

Mr. Professor ! Thanks for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

創建者 Andreas F L


Interesting subject, and well-produced videos.

The assignments are however arbitrary and ill-defined, leading to wildly different peer reviews and many who have completed the assignments correctly to be stuck in a grading limbo.

Would not recommend at this point

創建者 Jennifer M


While I appreciate this class for attempting to tackle a complicated topic, it was too hard for me to follow, and the peer assignment grading rubric is too arbitrary. Perhaps it is designed for those who are more analytical than myself.. Such as developers... (I am a writer). Although I liked the topic, I will not be taking more classes with this instructor.

創建者 Arvid H


Course material and contents are quite interesting but, grading system specially peer review method is absolutely disappointing and kills the motivation. Grading level by other students somehow looks insulting regarding the time and effort which I put to think, write, explain and make videos.

創建者 Ruben M A


The course is interesting but at the same time quite repetitive. There are many examples in it, but they are all high level examples which are not really going into the details of the creative process.The high level process proposed is good, but it is into the details where the processes fails, and there are no detailed examples here.

By far, the worst thing related to this course is the peer review. they define rules which nobody respects and the scoring system is subjective and badly defined. I really regret my decision to join this specialization and the waist of money.

創建者 Шамиль А


Sorry, but the course is very poor. I've watched all the videos of the first week and it's mostly about nothing. And, by the way, too much stories. And I'm still wondering why simpke brainstorming is called ZiZoZi ("new" approach as it described).

創建者 Jemwel A


It was a great experience to be able to land on this course, I wish I attended this earlier in my life, my thanksgiving to prof Maital for successfully delivering the ideas and concepts of this course. I will visit here sometimes to review some notes. Thank you to the team!!!

創建者 Prof. C T


Thank you for the course, which has helped in learn, understand and apply the creativity in different aspects to grow the young minds that i teach at university to become entrepreneurs. Thank you Dr. Shlomo Maital for taking me through this wonderful learning journey.

創建者 Herberth F E C


it is very useful for me to know how i can be focus in or out, somehow i develop my skills to be creative thank you very much.

Best regards

創建者 Pavel K


Great course. Takes a bit time to get the taste and move to the core. Then it shows how simple principles could help you a lot with creativity.

創建者 HungNBHE141537


I like this course, I did watch all the videos and it gave me business knowledge more than I ever have.

創建者 gobonaone c


thank you, Coursera I have learnt how to come up with ideas on how to start a business

創建者 Oluwankemi I


It was educative and impactful, I learnt a lot about cracking the creativity code.

創建者 Henry D


The course provides insightful and practical ways to think creatively.

創建者 Gonzalo P P


A lot of experience from the teachers, a really inspirational course.

創建者 Zhang J


i like the final project. it is a practical way to train our brain.

創建者 Feliciano S


I learned a lot, and our Professor is so fatherly and inspiring.

創建者 Akinnagbe I B


i had so much fun on this teaching, thank you for the opportunity



創建者 Dr A C S


Good explanation about how to discovering various ideas