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學生對 西班牙IESE商学院 提供的 Strategy and Sustainability 的評價和反饋

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Business and environmental sustainability are not natural bedfellows. Business is about making money. Sustainability is about protecting the planet. Business is measured in months and quarters. Sustainability often requires significant short term costs to secure a sometimes uncertain long-term benefit. To some activists, all executives are exploitative, selfish one percenters. To some executives, all activists are irresponsible, unyielding extremists. And yet engaging with the issue isn’t optional – all businesses must have a strategy to deal with sustainability and, like any strategy, this involves making choices. This Strategy and Sustainability course based on Rosenberg's recently published book by Palgrave ( that encourages learners to filter out the noise and make those choices in a hard-nosed and clear-eyed way. Prof. Rosenberg’s nuanced and fact-based point of view recognizes the complexity of the issues at hand and the strategic choices businesses must make. He blends the work of some of the leading academic thinkers in the field with practical examples from a variety of business sectors and geographies and offers a framework with which senior management might engage with the topic, not (just) to save the planet but to fulfill their short, medium and long-term responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders. This course promises to be both engaging and thought-provoking, aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of a subject that is no longer perceived as a choice but a necessity for future managers and business leaders alike....




Great teacher and great content! I think this course is a great starting point for somebody who start learning more about sustainability and would like to develop its strategy in the company.



Very insightful and well-done course. It provides tools and notions that help you connect strategy and sustainability and provide you with a fresh view on many important topics. Recommended.


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創建者 Leah W


Excellent presentation, solid lesson plan, and one of the most educational approaches to strategy. Professor Rosenberg illustrated comprehensible presentations and lesson that kept me engaged. Highly recommend for those learning about Sustainability.

創建者 Chandy M


The presentations by Prof. Rosenberg was very good, and clear to understand. He paced the course well, and the quizzes were testing clear understanding of the topics.

Overall it has given me deeper insights to define strategies for sustainability.

創建者 Boopalan M


The structure of the course is amazingly set. The explanations, the examples all really fit in to help us understand the core problem at hand. Definitely an eye opener in many aspects. A must for anyone who is in Sustainability or in Management.

創建者 Julia A


I really enjoyed this course, especially because it made me see that its hard -but not impossible- to combine a business strategy with the environment, but it is possible to take steps little by little. The examples and the material were great.

創建者 Kwasi A S


This course was really inspiring! I am glad I had this great opportunity to learn and also share. Thank you to everyone especially Prof. Mike Rosenberg, IESE Business School and Commonwealth of Learning, Canada through Ghana Library Authority.

創建者 Daria N


Great presenter with a great philosophy & approach

Great structure of the course: simple yet relevant

Have already recommended to a number of junior people at my company's Sustainability practice as an intro course for some extra credentials

創建者 Riya P


It has been an amazing experience. Prof Mike Rosenberg has given an insight about how business strategy and sustainability going hand in hand .It has been a different learning experience.I have learnt a lot from this course.Thankyou

創建者 Daniel F


A truly unique course that highlights the importance that businesses of all sizes play in regards to sustainability. It offers strategies based around a logical and empathic approach with all stakeholders in mind.

創建者 Jane B


I really enjoyed this course!! The content is accessible to all and includes lots of case studies from across the globe and in a variety of industries. I highly recommend this course!!

創建者 Giovanni C


the course gives you an useful framework to draft a sustainability strategy for your company and gives a precious initial overview of issues and stakeholders involved, recommended!

創建者 Paulo A B S


Very interesting approach on the analysis of sustainable strategies in business. Mike Rosenberg did it clearly, and I feel now much more comfortable with this thematics.

創建者 Antonio G P


Very well structured and touching the key aspects for the business strategy perspective which is very helpul to introduce you in the Sustainability journey.

創建者 Danielle d S L


Very useful! Hope to be able to practice the concepts ! Highly recommend to those who wants to be more involved in sustainability issues in your companies!

創建者 Jeanette v H


The course is very useful and gives good insight to the strategy of Sustainability. The models tought are easy to apply in one's business reality. Recom

創建者 Massimiliano G


A great course for a gentle introduction to the topic of Strategy and Sustainability. The assignment workload is fair. Overall good food for thoughts.

創建者 Ken H


I really enjoyed this course, the content and the delivery were excellent and it will give me a lot of context in my role going forwards.



Excellent course. Very good structure, easy to follow. Has all the main content generally discussed in terms of sustainability.



Loved it , its a really important and interesting course both from a business standpoint and from an environmental standpoint.

創建者 Shivendra s B


good learning aspect to learn and know the strategy & sustainability of different business across different areas

創建者 Giuseppe A


Just started the course, and from the onset it is very interesting and enriching. Thanks for making it available.

創建者 Dean B


Excellent instructor, great pace, clear quizzes. Good content flow, and use of visuals to solidify main points.

創建者 Griselda C


muy buen curso donde se establecen las bases de la estrategia para hacer de la sustantabilidad un bien rentable

創建者 Bruna S R


Awesome course with good content and the professor is amazing! It's more than I expected and totally worth it.

創建者 Shawn B


Professor Rosenberg did an excellent job delivering the content and objective of the Strategy and Sustainab

創建者 Gordon L


I enjoyed the course. I would have liked to have digged deeper into the subject matter. Prof is excellent