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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Modeling Risk and Realities 的評價和反饋

2,150 個評分


Useful quantitative models help you to make informed decisions both in situations in which the factors affecting your decision are clear, as well as in situations in which some important factors are not clear at all. In this course, you can learn how to create quantitative models to reflect complex realities, and how to include in your model elements of risk and uncertainty. You’ll also learn the methods for creating predictive models for identifying optimal choices; and how those choices change in response to changes in the model’s assumptions. You’ll also learn the basics of the measurement and management of risk. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build your own models with your own data, so that you can begin making data-informed decisions. You’ll also be prepared for the next course in the Specialization....




covers good amount of material and exactly what is in the outline, presented with enough detail to follow. Good walk-through of the spreadsheets helps understanding, easy to follow along and practice.



Material was very well presented. Week 3 was challenging, but taking time to print out the slides, work through them rigorously proved very helpful. I found all sections very, very informative.


26 - Modeling Risk and Realities 的 50 個評論(共 306 個)

創建者 Shreshth V


Through this course, I could learn to connect data and decisions using spreadsheets. I built models and used them to make decisions in uncertain business settings. The course was good.

創建者 Taenchiki S


A very good and practical course, especially if you have some basic knowledge in statistics. Make sure to take your time and try out the excel examples to deepen your understanding.

創建者 Yashowardhan


The course content was really good and rightly paced. The quizzes were really good and were designed to actually help participant understand the theoretical concepts in a better way.

創建者 Chintamani D


Absolute gold. This course taught me to use the complex concepts I knew in excel. This was a challenging and interesting course and definitely useful for people who work in finance.

創建者 Ashwin C


One of the most useful courses I've taken to date. This course is what the Spreadsheets and Models course should have been. Only complaint was week 3 was unnecessarily lengthy.

創建者 Federico V


Super clear and super helpful. Nothing otherworldly however I learned new ways of doing data analysis, and it made me dig more into the potential of Excel for scenario analysis.

創建者 Rujuta K


Really great course! Learnt a lot, more than promised by the course description. The course instructors are really good and very articulate. Thoroughly pleased with the course!

創建者 Karl S


I thought that this course was tremendously helpful, as it really drove home how to execute simulations which is something that I had considered but not really utilized before.

創建者 Jacob V


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I not only learned a lot in terms of ability to use Excel and am now better equipped to approach data in certain (and uncertain) situations

創建者 Gustavo A


Great examples, the best course of the specialization so far.

Week 3 was a little bit slow. I think it was going through some theory that was already covered by course 1.

創建者 Ashwin R


Very good course content. Was looking to apply to non-financial (engineering) modeling. There are similarities and may be able to use the same methodologies to simulate

創建者 Ardian F


This course has rich theoretical and practical material if you want to study about risk and reward analysis.

Recommended for aspiring young finance or business analyst!

創建者 John D


Excellent orientation on risk and modelling. Both instructors were clear, articulate and well-organized. The modules , examples and quizzes reinforced the learning.

創建者 Anna F D


This course was very insightful. It's a great refresher course if you have a finance background. It's also beginner-friendly if you do not have finance background.

創建者 Ina J


The professors are amazing. I could grasp all the concepts easily because of the good pace maintained by the professors. Thank you so much for this course!

創建者 Ambuya J


The course was what I expected it to be. I was desperately looking for enlightenment in model risk and realities which was well delivered in the course.

創建者 Dmitry P


A well-structured and practice-oriented course with a few useful practical tips about Excel-based business models focusing on risk and reward aspects.

創建者 Juan R M P


Excellent course. Great and useful examples given by instructors. Also, very helpful that editables files used in examples are available for students.

創建者 Aleksandra Y


Professor Savin is a rare kind, who explains very clear and brilliant. My excel skills were also sharpened. Overall, a course is worth attending.

創建者 Christine J A


Course was easiest to digest compared to other courses in this specialization; PDFs and Excel files provided sufficient learning opportunities

創建者 Paul B


Great course. Very practical in approach and well explained by the instructors. This tied well to the earlier courses in the specialization.

創建者 hemant g


Its a good course to start from begining and think beyond what can really be modelled and analysed in the real world, and to what extent.

創建者 Daniel C


Amazing course with a lot of practical subjects and a huge theory that can be apply in different business situations, thank you so much!!

創建者 Michael A


Excellent instruction: slides and lectures are well coordinated. Material is interesting and the test re-enforce the slides and lectures.

創建者 Khubaib A


This surely was the best course, amongst the last 3. The instructors were great, went in-depth and the tests also had some standard.