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學生對 加州大学圣克鲁兹分校 提供的 C++ For C Programmers, Part A 的評價和反饋

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This course is for experienced C programmers who want to program in C++. The examples and exercises require a basic understanding of algorithms and object-oriented software....




A very good courser, especially for people like me that have a lot experience in coding c program but want to learn something more to advance my career. I'll recommend this course to my friend.



Just right for programmers seeking to update their skills to the new V11 C++. I recommend getting the book by the author that helps along with a text or Coursera course on Algorithms.


451 - C++ For C Programmers, Part A 的 475 個評論(共 629 個)

創建者 Thiago P B


Great overall introduction to C++ for C programmers. It should be emphasized FOR C PROGRAMMERS.

Once you know your stuff and a little bit of Computer Science (data structures and algorithms), this course can benefit you if you never had a formal course or introduction on C++.

The instructor is well-versed in the topic and the examples are pretty interesting from a CS point of view.

創建者 Juan D R O


The overall course is good if you are disciplined enough to follown and not cheat the assignments. However I prefered the previous setting of the course where we were able to see hand on hand Dr. P's terminal and the programs were compiled on the video. In this version is conference-like but there is no direct programming during the session so self-learning is fundamental

創建者 Sam A


Professor Pohl is so calm and intuitive that just delivers the info right away. It's so smooth course as C engineer coming from Mechatronics major (missing a lot of graph theory and data structures). I'm glad that i was enrolled in the course and totally recommended! Points to improve: Codes representation could be improved for readability.

創建者 Tiantian G


Professor Pohl provided vivid clarification of important concepts in C++ programming. Homework projects are great opportunities to practice C++ programming. I also learned much from peer grading. Of course sometimes it can be really hard for a beginner to follow since the course targets experienced C/Java programmers.

創建者 Connor W


If you have been a C programmer, this course is a gentle introduction to the world of C++. The programming exercises are good opportunities for you to rewrite some of your C codes in C++. The lectures are rather fun, Ira Pohl is a good at explaining, and he covers quite a lot of essential C++11 features.

創建者 Omar H


Learned a lot in this course. One thing I would improve would be getting some feedback towards the homework (unfortunately peer grading didnt provide me with much feedback), or maybe have a sample solution after submitting the homework just to see how I can improve.

創建者 Udayan P S


Very good course content and depth, with proper pacing! I think the assignment evaluation can be improved, however. Peer review seems very biased and rigged, based on the discussion forums. There should also be a button to report assignments that have been copied.

創建者 Milos R


The course is good overall but needs more to focus on new things in C++ and not on algorithms. I would recommend this course if you are struggling with C++,it goes throw the basics and tells you how the STL works.

The homework are hard and that is a big plus :)

創建者 Javier A


I highly recommend this course, it provides a great introduction to C++ and some of its most interesting features. If you are an experienced programmer, you will probably have the feeling that it is a slow pace course, but it is still worth it.

創建者 Adhityan V


was good to learn c++ advanced topics after learning the basics at my high school.

it had some very essential topics that dealt with too much innovative coding. It was good learning experience.

創建者 Colin R


Great course. Peer reviewed programming assignments were difficult and though I received good marks, I got very little constructive feedback on them have no idea if they were "correct".

創建者 Jacob D


Great teaching of topics covered. Covered far more than expected upon enrollment (and took way more time than expected). Lectures were slowly paced and tended to meander.

創建者 Patrick M


Great professor, but I had to increase the speed to 2x since he speaks very slowly with long pauses. But his C++ course is better structured and taught than his C course.

創建者 Rahul Y


teacher was very good but course was a little difficult for a person not having a prior good knowledge of c language , but it was good experience learning this course.

創建者 Robert M


I enjoyed this course. It was great as a review of C++ and an introduction to C++11 for me. The assignments are heavy in graph theory and are non-trivial.

創建者 Cristian S


Excellente course, learnt a lot about the history of C++, and different ways to make easier a pseudocode on the C++, and the importance of C++

創建者 Oliver W


My only complaint is the quality of the slides shown during the lessons, e. g. bullet points are not always appropriate :-)

創建者 Akshay R s


it was very informative,good and skill developing course and most of the assignments were really challenging to beginners.

創建者 anjali p


it actually introduced c++11 features to me well,it was my first course on coursera and it is benificial to me in ways .

創建者 Jack H


The lectures are not the most helpful, but the instructor is knowledgeable and the assignments are very interesting.

創建者 G P


the best part is coursera provides finalcial aid and that was very help ful foe many students. thankyou coursera

創建者 Andre C


Excellent course. It helps you transition to C++ by understanding the reasons, not just a simple recipe.

創建者 Nathan P B


I wish he could use more realistic code used in programs and focus less on obscure programming

創建者 Stefano E


Very useful and practical course, you learn interesting stuff about graphs along the way too!

創建者 Saul F


I started another C++ course... It is more hands on that it is what I require on this moment