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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 使用 Python 进行数据分析 的評價和反饋

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Analyzing data with Python is an essential skill for Data Scientists and Data Analysts. This course will take you from the basics of data analysis with Python to building and evaluating data models. Topics covered include: - collecting and importing data - cleaning, preparing & formatting data - data frame manipulation - summarizing data - building machine learning regression models - model refinement - creating data pipelines You will learn how to import data from multiple sources, clean and wrangle data, perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), and create meaningful data visualizations. You will then predict future trends from data by developing linear, multiple, polynomial regression models & pipelines and learn how to evaluate them. In addition to video lectures you will learn and practice using hands-on labs and projects. You will work with several open source Python libraries, including Pandas and Numpy to load, manipulate, analyze, and visualize cool datasets. You will also work with scipy and scikit-learn, to build machine learning models and make predictions. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge....




perfect for beginner level. all the concepts with code and parameter wise have been explained excellently. overall best course in making anyone eager to learn from basics to handle advances with ease.



I started this course without any knowledge on Data Analysis with Python, and by the end of the course I was able to understand the basics of Data Analysis, usage of different libraries and functions.


101 - 使用 Python 进行数据分析 的 125 個評論(共 2,449 個)

創建者 Philip P


Course lacks thorough rigor or genuine assessment.

Labs are training on copy/paste and using the Shift+Enter command in the Jupyter notebook.

Assessments are multiple choice. No assessments on ability to write scripts to undertake data analysis to seek solutions.

創建者 Brandon S


Again, the use of the IBM cloud is a useless buffering of site traffic for your own products and does not provide anything for the course. Little to no 'challenge' questions that push the student to go beyond the hand held procedure of the labs.

創建者 Elvijs M


The course makes you aware of some Data Analysis techniques, but you learn very little. The explanations are very superficial. And since nearly all the code is are already there, you are not forced to think about the concepts and methods.

創建者 Utkarsh S


The course was quite good until Week 3 but after that it was poorly structured. A lot of concepts were randomly introduced without proper explanation in Week 4 and Week 5, thereby killing the fun of learning.

創建者 Ibrahim A


This course ranks the least of the wonderful courses I have taken with coursera. There is definitely room for improvement in the delivery of materials.

創建者 Muzamal A


I'll be honest this course for a beginner is difficult and incomprehensible as thereare many new things introduced which are not explained properly

創建者 Sharvinee



創建者 Benjamin J


many mistakes throughout

創建者 Nizami I


The course structure and videos are nice, but THERE ARE SO MANY ERRORS in the videos. I spent so much time to google and fix these errors. It is really terrible and I dont understand how people gave the high grade. I stopped watching videos after Week 3, because I fed up correcting their errors. Although people have mentioned it long time ago, but nothing has changed. Really shame on Coursera and IBM that have such quality!!!

創建者 Eleanor


These IBM courses are designed to force you to sign up for their products, provide personal information and credit card number, and then their products don't work. Course material is mediocre at best; if you truly want to learn the subject look elsewhere.

創建者 Hu W J


0 effort put. could not even bother to get someone to talk to a screen. lessons were robotic, i might as well have just read a book on this and could probably understand better. disappointing.

創建者 Swati J


NOthing related to Data Analysis. The course is all about statistic , related to data science.

創建者 Marta O G


Too hard

創建者 Loganathan E


Big data analytics is becoming new norm of organization eco-system to derive data driven decisions rather than opinion based decisions

This course on data analysis with Python started with basics and covered topics on preparing data for analysis, performing

simple statistical analysis,data visualization, predicting trends and patterns to have meaningful conclusions.

Course structure is nicely organized with step by step lectures with quizzes at interim levels aided by practice session.

Course has an interactive window which is similar to Jupyter NoteBook so that learner can practice their learning within the online course itself.

Moving forward to applicate these leanings in automating domain specific tasks in my portfolio.

Thanks to ASHOK LEYLAND for providing opportunity to learn Digital online courses.

創建者 Kishore B


I read the book 'An Introduction to statistical analysis using R'. To reach to the concept of ridge regression it took about 3 months (as i can only spend an hours a day study hour) and page number > 200 for me to understand the statistical concepts of ridge regression, cross validation etc. And still I was tentative in R. Now, based on this video course and labs, the learning concepts and python implementation could just be done in 2 weeks time (spending 4 hrs on weekends). A lot of effort has been put in this course to make it sound simple. Thank you authors. Wish you continued motivation to design such courses.

創建者 Kolitha W


Learning is a process of blending theory and practical in equal portions to provide intellectual inputs to get tangible outputs. This course is a perfect example of it, as it consists of ample hands-on lab sessions for each module, where anyone could practice what they have been taught through the videos. The videos are super explanatory, where even a beginner could learn from scratch with passion and love. I take this opportunity to thank all the instructors, resource providers and contributors, and wish you all the very best to keep your knowledge-sharing efforts with pride and joy.

創建者 Mengting Z


This course gives me a brief understanding of data analysis based in the use of Python. Since I have already had a foundation of the basic knowledge of coding with other programming language, this course started with introducing several basic packages for data science followed with the use of each package. Also, in week 4 and week 5, the course provided me with the idea of generating statistical models to train our data sets. The thinking method of evaluating a model will help me a lot in my future studies in the field of machine learning and deep learning.

創建者 Kota M


It is an excellent course for beginners in Data Analytics. It teaches you all basic concepts required for data analysis which includes data pre-processing, data wrangling, data formatting, data normalization, data binning, Exploratory data analysis and data modelling. It also teaches you descriptive statistics including, Correlation, ANOVA etc., It also helps you with basic data visualization, Linear regression, prediction, decision making, Model evaluation and refinement using Ridge Regression and Grid Search. I find it very useful for beginners.

創建者 Xiaowei Z


To pass this course is really not easy as it doesn't just teach us how to code to fulfill the data analysis but it delivers a lot of relevant knowledge of statistics as well, including linear regression, polynomial regression, ridge regression, MSE, R2, ANOVA, etc. Coding is not difficult but understanding those methods of analysis is hard. so if you have little basis of statistics, you have to work harder. But I feel more confident after the course because I have gained one more skills. Keep on going and embrace the future.

創建者 Deleted A


The course nicely gives you a glimpse of the endless possibilities in the area of Analytics. It showcases how data can be easiely and speedily analyzed using Python if you are clear even with the basics of Python programming. It provides a prefect platform to gain skill sets needed to be a great Analyst.

The course is wonderfully desined, the material within seems self-explanatory and you won't have to struggle to grasp the concepts taught. Labs are awesome and so is the team who made the course what it is. Really loved it!

創建者 Maitha S K ( O - I


Honestly it is one of the best courses I've attended in Data Science. All the ambiguous concepts that I read in the internet and couldn't understand were clear in this course and I didn't have to struggle to get them. The way the course is structured, the visual materials, labs, quizzes and assignments ensure that you leave the the course with good theoretical and technical understanding. Thanks for making it easy to learn Data Science and python! I would definitely recommend this course if you want to have a good start.

創建者 Ankur G


Loved the course overall. Truly amazing! Professors did a really great job in making and structuring this course session by session.

A good course to learn know-how of Data Analysis using Python language so as to facilitate analysis and visualization of data to make effective decisions. I thank the professors to make this course interesting and worth it. Only thing is, videos can be made in a better way so as to facilitate people with non programming background. Maybe some basics of programming would help.

創建者 Clarence E Y


Become a Trustworthy Data Analyst

This course provides the knowledge and skills that form the foundation for data analysis. Students learn how to use Python Packages and gain experience creating dataframes and manipulating data sets for computation and visualization. Extensive work on building and evaluating models is included with explanatory lectures and hand-on labs to work with real data. Students' data analysis work will be supported by applying proper of model optimizations learned in the course.

創建者 Xing W C


A very good course in general, everything is explained in easiest to understand way that can be easily absorbed by students with little or no knowledge about data analysis and machine learning (mainly Linear Regression in this course). Although the exercises provided by this course is considered a lot, and more than enough to cover the exam and assignments of this course itself, but I hope the creator can put in some optional exercises to help us practice more and more and eventually being job ready.

創建者 Shuyao H


A step-by-step and detailed introduction to data analysis using Python. It covers a 0 to 1 understanding from importing data to evaluating models, and offers hand-on labs to run codes. The content also includes all the packages and libraries necessary and essential to do data analysis. The courses are somehow in detail, if not, hard, but the tests and assignments are easier. I am sure I will always review the codes I have learned in the course in the future when I go deeper into data analysis.