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Welcome to this course on Getting started with TensorFlow 2! In this course you will learn a complete end-to-end workflow for developing deep learning models with Tensorflow, from building, training, evaluating and predicting with models using the Sequential API, validating your models and including regularisation, implementing callbacks, and saving and loading models. You will put concepts that you learn about into practice straight away in practical, hands-on coding tutorials, which you will be guided through by a graduate teaching assistant. In addition there is a series of automatically graded programming assignments for you to consolidate your skills. At the end of the course, you will bring many of the concepts together in a Capstone Project, where you will develop an image classifier deep learning model from scratch. Tensorflow is an open source machine library, and is one of the most widely used frameworks for deep learning. The release of Tensorflow 2 marks a step change in the product development, with a central focus on ease of use for all users, from beginner to advanced level. This course is intended for both users who are completely new to Tensorflow, as well as users with experience in Tensorflow 1.x. The prerequisite knowledge required in order to be successful in this course is proficiency in the python programming language, (this course uses python 3), knowledge of general machine learning concepts (such as overfitting/underfitting, supervised learning tasks, validation, regularisation and model selection), and a working knowledge of the field of deep learning, including typical model architectures (MLP/feedforward and convolutional neural networks), activation functions, output layers, and optimisation....




I already knew the subject, so I was able to go fast, but I really loved the completeness of this course, the approach, the tests, and the capstone project. Basically everything. Very good indeed!



Excellent course with thorough practical exercises and most of all I love Kevin Webster teaching style.. Definitely a go to course for anyone who has some basic Deep Learning knowlegde.


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創建者 LiangTian


This class is excelent for beginers to learn tf2. this class mainly talked about practice ,and it is useful to build basic deeplearning models

創建者 Max K


Never recieved my grade. Contacted coursera support. They demanded another motnh of payment for the course or else I will not get my grade. Terrible practice and this is used to punish people that finish their course early since coursera will simply wait until you pay another month before the start grading your paper!

創建者 Pengfei Z


The course is really well-organized. The videos are relatively short but very clear and concise. Programming assignments are right on spot. If you already have basic knowledge of deep learning and want to get more practical experience with Tensorflow 2, this s absolutely a good resource.

創建者 Akshay K A


Course is very well designed and very well for learning tensorflow higher level api's. Peer graded assignment was very frustrating as it will take so much time to reflect that you are passed or not. Happy Learning!!

創建者 Erik B


Very nice introduction to tensorflow 2.0 with focus on keras. I already knew keras from tensorflow 1 so this was very useful. Still I thought this course was a little too basic for me to get a certificate. I used it as preparation for the other course ('customizing your models with tensorflow 2'). Doing this course quickly at least gives me a good background to do the second one.

There were some small errors in the course. It looks like tensorflow has adapted their APIs so that in the model checkpointing you specify the number of batches and not the number of samples. Also, there is a current bug in tensorflow 2.2.0 (and 2.3.0), that specifying {batch} in the path of the checkpoint no longer works. Also, there is another bug in tensorflow 2.3.0 that has apparently broken saving and loading of complete models using and load_model().

Going to do the second course now with the aim to get the certificate.

創建者 Harshwardhan P


I think it is an absolutely incredible course for anyone who wants to make the jumpy from TF 1.x to TF 2 (or has the knowledge of Deep Learning ideas and is looking to learn the TF 2 framework to apply them). The content is planned out perfectly for learners, the tutorials and assignment introduce and understand important ideas from the tensorflow 2 framework.

Finally, the most amazing thing about this course is the Capstone project. It just strikes the perfect balance on the difficulty scale. It will keep you engaged but at the same time it will not be very difficult either. The content in the course is geared towards preparing the learner to be able to do the project with ease and it does serve as a culmination of the skills used learnt in the course.

創建者 Abdelrhman H


This is such an amazing course. It's very simple but accomplishes what it's supposed to accomplish. I've taken the andrew NG course for deep learning so I know the theory and this finally made me understand what I've been writing and allowed me to express some of what I think in terms of code instead of only having the theoretical model. and even more stuff that the other course didn't cover in terms of tensorflow

創建者 Ihor F


A good course for beginners in TF, though familiarity with deep learning is assumed. The course is up to date with TF2 API, so I had no issues implementing the excercises. The peer-reviewed project is open-ended and gives a lot of freedom to build the appropriate network architecture. The instructors are clear and overall production quality is really high.

創建者 Aqib J


Excellent course with thorough practical exercises and most of all I love Kevin Webster teaching style.. Definitely a go to course for anyone who has some basic Deep Learning knowlegde.

創建者 Chris P


A beautifully structured course. It does require a fair bit of preliminary knowledge in DL, but once you have that, the practical implementation in this course is on point.

創建者 SubTain M


A great course for those who already have some knowledge of deep learning. Concepts are explained in very well way.



Well designed course, with the final Capstone project covering all the aspects involved in a MLP.

創建者 guillaume


Excellent course with videos and assignment.

創建者 Raimondo M P


This is a truly outstanding course that teaches you the basics of Tensorflow 2 using the Keras API. (There is a more advanced course if you want to deep dive into Tensorflow2)

One minor quirk is that instructors almost never answer questions on the forum. Nonetheless, it is worth the money spent if you plan to start designing Neural Networks with Tensorflow 2 framework.

The Capstone project is really satisfying since it gives you a lot of flexibility on how you can to complete it.

創建者 Danilo B


Most complete course of Tensorflow I've had. The lectures go through every line in the code and the explanations are very precise. I would recommend this course to everyone that would like to apply Deep Learning using Tensorflow.

創建者 Aida H


Great content, thank you, prof. Kevin and the team. I learned a lot from this course. Overall the material is easy to comprehend, I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn/enhance Tensorflow skills.

創建者 AC


Provided clear and useful insight into TensorFlow 2. Before the course I had read many of the TF2 guides and tutorials. This course helped solidify my understanding of core TF concepts.

創建者 Marios K


Really nice introduction to TF2. In my case, I have worked professionally with TF1 for some time, so the material was quite trivial. Nevertheless, it was still a nice refresher.

創建者 Kanji O


Really excellent course and quality of lectures and coding tutorials were beyond my expectation. I think this course is literally the best TF course available in Coursera

創建者 Abdelrahman A


i recommend the course for anyone want to get solid foundation in TensorFlow as beginner, also capstone project cover all the content you learn in the course.

創建者 James B


This course had a good balance between the application-specific elements and the broader ML discipline. Good teaching and materials.

創建者 Canh S L


Although there is lacking feedback on instructor team on the forum, I would highly recommend the course in terms of the content.

創建者 D N V V S S K


Really amazing experience with this course perfect start after knowing the mathematical concepts of how nn works

創建者 Vivek K


Very good for those people who have knowledge of deep learning and want a hands-on in TensorFlow 2

創建者 Jerry C


Great and clearly taught course for anyone with basic knowledge of Python and neural networks.