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學生對 北京大学 提供的 中级商务汉语——商务活动篇 的評價和反饋

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本课程为“中级商务汉语(入职与营销篇)”的姊妹篇,学习的内容主要涉及商务工作中的联系客户、安排酒会、市场调查、商务考察、参加展会和商务谈判这六大类商务活动。 本课程共分为七个单元,其中第一到第六单元为学习单元,每一单元都包含五个10-15分钟的教学视频,每个教学视频之后有两道不计入成绩的练习题。每一单元的学习结束后,你需要完成单元考试,包括六道客观题和两道同伴互评题,共10分,六个单元共60分。第七单元为总复习和考试单元,你需要在复习之后完成考试,共四十道客观题,40分。单元考试和最后的考试共100分,得到80分即可通过课程。...

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創建者 Linda H


I enjoyed this course. I find the tutor, Professor Cai very good in teaching this course, she had the right diction, tonality and her speed/pace was great. whether you are already a good Mandarin speaker like me, or a beginner intermediate, this course will surely benefit the students who commit themselves to raising their Mandarin standards.

創建者 Aw H J


I love learning languages outside my strengths, and it is pragmatic for me to develop along this path as well! Timely addition and looking forward to collaborative peer-review works/projects to be pushed out for deeper specialisations!

創建者 Dan B


This was a really fantastic course. The teacher is amazing. Also recommend the Peking University HSK courses on Coursera.

創建者 Giuseppe A


This course provides interesting and useful linguistic structures. I believe I will make good use of them in my job.

創建者 fabrice d


Une bonne petite formation pour avoir des bases sur la communication professionnelle en Chine. Je recommande.

創建者 程之华_Shiva A C


I am very happy that I can learn in this course, the delivery of the material is very clear, thank you

創建者 Delécluse O


A very dynamic course taught enthusiastically by a good teacher. Thank you.

創建者 Thapanee S


The instructor is very professional and nice!

創建者 Mariia D


Thanks so much for the course!

創建者 Sandra C


The professor is excellent.

創建者 Anastasia



創建者 Michael M


Overall, I commend Peking University for providing a well-organized course that delivers lectures 100% in Mandarin Chinese, making it relatively immersive. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who already has a strong base and fluency in the language. Based on the peer-submitted homework assigned I reviewed (this is required of all course participants), I can say that quite a few entered the course with a shaky base in the language, which is counter-productive for these students. If, when considering signing up for this course, you feel you're in a similar situation, I recommend you first shore up your existing knowledge and fluency. You'll get a lot more out of the course when you return to it later and feel much more confident about your ability to apply what you learn. As for the course itself, although solid overall, there are a few points I did not care for. One is the peer-reviewed homework assignments. Based on those I reviewed myself, students covered a broad range of abilities (including some I'm reasonably certain were simply using Google Translate). This undermines the exercise and is a disservice to students who already possess language proficiency sufficient for the needs of the course. I found this one point so frustrating and unpleasant to deal with it's the sole reason I am giving four, rather than five stars, to this course. The other (much smaller) issue is that there are some minor bugs/errors in some of the quizzes and tests. However, this shouldn't impact the ability of students to pass. Overall, I'm quite satisfied and hope Peking University extends it's business Chinese offerings to more advanced levels.



several quiz I've answered all correctly but the systems keep saying i was wrong and I couldn't pass the score, so until now i can't complete the course because of this problems.

創建者 Kwesi C


this course is very good. I have learnt a lot of 'little' things in business conversations which will make you sound professional. the pace of the lessons are reasonable.