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學生對 韩国科学技术高等研究院 (KAIST) 提供的 Particle Dynamics 的評價和反饋

24 個評分


This course teaches dynamics, one of the basic mechanics subjects of Mechanical Engineering. Students would be able to organize their knowledge about force and motion, work-energy, impulse-momentum in view of Newton's 2nd law and its integration over time and displacement. The Engineering Dynamics consists of two parts: particle dynamics and rigid body dynamics. This is the first part of the dynamics: Particle dynamics class will consist of lecture videos, which are about 15 min length (or a bit longer). These contain a couple of practice problem solving. There will also be standalone homeworks that are not part of video lectures, and a final exam....

1 - Particle Dynamics 的 3 個評論(共 3 個)

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